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  • Ghost Writer: Jeff Staple - Different Drums, Same Rhythm

    Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

    Many of you know Jeff Staple, or think you do.  But to us, he is more than just the enigmatic force behind his namesake fashion brand, Staple Pigeon.  He is also an aficionado of art, music, and all things creative.  So, when he agreed to contribute to our Ghost Writer series, we knew we were in for a treat.  So enjoy Jeff's take on two current exhibits at The Brooklyn Museum and his exclusive words and pics.

    There are currently two exhibitions happening right now at the Brooklyn Museum  The pairing could not be more perfect and I highly recommend checking it out if you’re in town.


    “Basquiat: The Unknown Notebooks” is on display until August 23rd and "Kehinde Wiley: A New Republic" is on display until May 24th. Their work is decades apart from each other chronologically, but their mission could not be more complimentary. If you read every single caption and subtext of the exhibition, you may notice a small coincidence (or maybe not) that both artists agree on one thing: They wanted to place people of color in a world where they don’t normally see it: ART. It’s extremely likely that Wiley is influenced by JMB, but you don’t actually get that feeling. Stylistically, they could not be more different.


    Wiley is a master—and he knows it. You know how a skater will pull a ridiculous trick even though he knows he’s won the competition? He’ll risk humiliation or even worse, injury; all in the name of just going for it. Wiley does the same. It’s obvious he’s good at his craft. But he just rubs in it. Cmon! These pieces are on a level fit for Napoleon.






    Basquiat on the other hand, wields what any pauper has at their disposal: A composition notepad found at any 24-hour bodega and a No. 2 pencil. Maybe sometimes a crayon if you’re lucky. Basquiat makes you think with his word play. Wiley makes you think with his sheer artistic prowess. The great thing about what you see in Basquiat’s work is his brainstorming process. Most of the words, phrases and sketches seen in these notebooks never appear in his actual exhibited work. It’s like being a fly on the wall in his thought process. It’s really a rare experience.





    The curator of the museum gets five stars from me for pairing these two artists together. One from the era of Fab Five Freddy and Boogie Down Productions. The other from the Rocafella Era and Watch The Throne. Two artists from different eras, different instruments, but playing the same exact rhythm.

    - Jeff Staple

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  • Vans Propeller: A Masterpiece 50 Years In The Making

    Vns_Propeller_Itunes_Ad.jpg7_Today is the day.  50 years in the making and with over 5 years of footage, Vans releases it's first ever full length skateboarding video!  We got a first look at the world premier held at the beautiful Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles.  Luckily, we got tickets in advance as the premier sold out and was packed full.  Crazy to think that this is Vans' first skate video, but it was well worth the wait.   No one was prepared for what we were about to see...

    Los Angeles world premier flyer.  The first time Propeller was shown anywhere, and the first stop of 9 premiers that were held around the world.


    Classic marquee shot before we headed inside.


    Madness finding a seat in this place!


    Everyone mobbing the bar before the video starts.


    Steve Van Doren making quite the entrance in a mobile Old School High Top.  Why not go big on your big night?


    The man himself, Steve Van Doren saying a few words and many thanks to his crew before bringing out the team.


    The Team: Cab, Caples, Lutheran, Hunt Allen, Walker, Chima, Rowan, Dustin, Rowley, AVE, Barros, Grosso, Pfanner, Berle, Crockett, Hassan, Dill, Cardiel, Trujillo, Hosoi, Barbee, Alva.  What a lineup!  Everyone delivers, too many bangers to remember...can't wait to watch this at least 10 more times!


    One of the best skate teams out there.  So many amazing skaters...Who's part will be your favorite?


    My personal favorite.  #1 - A.V.E.  They saved the best for last, that's for sure.


    That may have been the best skate video I have ever seen.  Greg Hunt created a masterpiece, it took a few years, but you can't rush perfection.  This is a straight-up gnarly skateboarding video.  A modern take on all aspects and generations of skateboarding that will make you want to get on your board and never stop pushing.  Full parts from some of the best in the business.  Check out Propeller today, get amped, lace up your Vans and go skate!


  • Introducing The HEX x Nowartt Collaboration

    We are proud to announced the release of the Nowart Collaboration, a 7-piece capsule of bags, and cases.



    The collection features a custom print by Japanese artist, Toyoki Adachi under his Nowartt label.  The printed canvas is then waxed for water resistance.  Black coated accents provide style and durability to the trim.  HEX combines this with their signature surplus grade cotton web strapping and interior micro fleece lined pockets for ultimate device protection-achieving both looks and performance.  The HEX x Nowartt Capsule fuses Japanese art themes with HEX style to create a visually progressive collection.  The capsule is priced from $50 - $140.


    “We love Toyoki’s aethsetic,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “His mix of graphic and natural elements mixed perfectly with our minimalist designs and he is well respected throughout the art and design community.”


    “As a textile designer, I have been mainly working with many Japanese brands for collaboration, and some of my works were introduced overseas”, says Toyoki Adachi.  “This experience opened my eye to foreign brands.  Because of this, I started attending shows in New York and Las Vegas.  Luckily, I was given a chance to work with HEX after a several trips to Las Vegas.  It was my great honor work with Hex because my design themes come from fashion, lifestyle, art and peace, so I feel strongly that I share the same feeling for the process of designing products as HEX does.”

    Adachi continues, “The design for this graphic was based on the idea of “Peace Camo” / “Horn Tree” and was created with the concept of a scene with many tree branches in the forest by using overlapping horns of deer, reindeer and moose.  This indicates a safe life of animals in the forest and awareness of our natural environment.  This graphic's theme is harmony with nature and peace.”


    The HEX x Nowartt Capsule is available now for purchase at and other select high-end retailers near you. For more information on the collection and HEX’s extensive line of techcessories, visit the website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


  • Coachella 2015 - Weekend 2 Photo Recap


    We've been to a lot of music festivals and we love them, but Coachella is different.  It's the largest festival in the US, it's in the middle of the desert, and it's always good for a wild ride!  Sit back and enjoy our photo recap of weekend 2 from Coachella 2015.


    And the madness begins...probably the best people watching you will see anywhere!


    The worlds largest catepillar? Trippy art and statues everywhere you looked.


    Captain America was hyped!


    Found a Transformer, he was pretty chill.


    Checked out Ride on the Gobi Stage. Good stuff!


    With over 500,000 people in attendance over the 2 weekends, there wasn't a small crowd anywhere.



    Behind the scenes. Where the artists hang out before and after their sets.



    Started Friday evening with some Steely Dan. So good!



    Everything was lit up at night! Everything.


    Checked out Flying Lotus closing out the Mojave Stage, interesting to say the least...


    Stopped to admire the fancy lamps on our way to the beer garden before AC/DC.


    Some horny AC/DC fans.


    AC/DC still killing it after all these years. So good to finally see them live! Thunderstuck!



    Started Saturday off in a rave tent. Only at Coachella...


    Punk legends Bad Religion ripping it on the main stage.


    Knobs and cables. The devices that make it all work so you can see and hear your favorite bands.



    Took a ride on the biggest portable Ferris Wheel and it was incredible! Coachella from 150 feet.


    Coachella camping. Endless cars and tents. We can only imagine what went down over there at night...


    Caught Hozier playing to a massive crowd just before the sun set for the night.


    Just got into Run The Jewels. They brought out Travis Barker for a few songs and the crowd went off! Check them out for sure.


    Saturday night's lineup was back to back. Started off watching Tyler The Creator get wild on the Outdoor Stage.


    Had to pay our friend The Gaslamp Killer a visit. He played with a full orchestra and it was awesome!


    A personal favorite: Tycho. The chillest music, we got close and loved every minute.


    Jack White was amazing! Straight up rock and roll at it's finest.


    The Weeknd closed out the main stage, going on just before midnight. Been a fan of this guy for some time, great to finally see him live.


    Only a guest or artist pass can get you back here, headed back to main stage on Sunday afternoon to check out Circa Survive.


    Anthony Green of Circa Survive getting the crowd going.


    Drake literally brought a jungle for his stage props.



    8 of this year's limited Coachella posters in the boutique. Of course they were sold out. Also...Coachella pajamas?


    Pretty awesome to see a record store on site! This was the place to be, air conditioning, shade and endless vinyl.


    Rad Artist & Guest Lounge right on a lake. Took it easy on Sunday and cooled it here for a while.


    What a great experience! There is nothing quite like Coachella.  We had a blast and hope you enjoyed the vicarious tour.  See you next year!


  • Biarritz - When France Reminds You to Breathe

    Biarritz Tapas BarI was starting to get a little bummed about the food in France - feeling like it was relatively unhealthy, predictable and all too westernized (Can Anyone Save French Food?). Here I am in Biarritz, standing at a pleasantly packed self-serve wine and tapas bar reflecting on the halfway point of my two-week journey through France and Spain. I’d like to think I can express more, but all I can say at the moment is Wow!  I’m totally captivated by this place. The town, the textures, the people, and now the places and this food... The intricately painted tile counters are like beautiful little puzzles and the traditional artisan french dishes are savory and refreshing.

    I’ll get back to Biarritz in just a moment but let’s rewind to this morning at the Quiksilver Pro in Hossegor where I was working in the VIP section, thanks to GoPro, while the WSL was deciding whether to run the surf contest or not. Propped up in an inflatable black branded boomerang chair, sipping French espresso, I whittled away on my laptop pushing pixels for an app I’m building for the Palm Beach Opera in between snapping photos of pro surfers in the lineup. As you can imagine, opera and surfing are worlds apart, but I run a digital agency and have a surf startup so one fuels the other for now. As the hours passed and the wireframes came to life, the decision was inevitably made to postpone the event to the next day, and that my friends, is called a layday. After considering the news, I decided to wrap up my marketing work and hit the road for an adventure along the coastline. Fortunately, as fate would have it, I’m now standing in a wine bar in Biarritz, so I am thankful the WSL made the call.

    Bar Jean Tapas

    Ah Biarritz, I’ve heard so many good things about you, but words can’t compare to the sights, sounds, and smells currently seducing my senses. Like a siren, the ocean crashes upon your curvy shores sending vibrations of sound through the cool misty air as if you’re calling me to jump in. True rawness, danger, and beauty. You know how to catch my eye. I could see people off in the distance dancing to your melodic song. Twisting and turning as they worked their way to the shore and back out again.

    Biarritz Sunset

    Collecting my thoughts, I pulled back with the slight raise of my head pausing in enthrallment of the moment. Literally saying out loud “Where am I?” Watching surfers while studying the ocean had left me wondering should I join? Or should I take a couple steps back from the seawall and absorb the breathtaking sunset showing off in front of me? Knowing that to try both would be but a distraction, I dismissed the idea of surfing and decided to sink into the experience.

    Biarritz couple

    Biarritz Coastline

    Physically nodding, just a little as if to agree, I took 10 steps back and attempted to breathe.

    Pausing in life really does make time stand still, or so it feels.

    As the moon started to show her face and the day drew to a close, I bid you cheers to making life matter when life matters most.



  • Product Spotlight: Century Convertible Tote

    At HEX we are always looking for ways to introduce new bag shapes and designs to fill the needs of our customers. Introducing the Convertible Tote, making its debut in our Century Collection. This bag can easily convert from a tote bag to a backpack using the supplied shoulder strap.


    The bag is constructed in water resistant, heavy blue oil-waxed canvas twill, with faux leather brown trim. It is designed to wear and distress with use to achieve an heirloom patina. On the front there is a quick access phone pocket that will hold your iPhone (6 or 6 Plus) or your Android device with a snap enclosure. There are also two snap pockets on the back to hold business cards, change, etc. The carry handles are long enough to fit over your shoulder to use as a shoulder bag or simply carry hand-held. The real ingenuity with this new bag is that the supplied shoulder strap can be used to convert your tote into a backpack. This lets you have a hands-free way to carry your gear as your travel or commute.



    On the inside of this bag, you will find padded and fleece-lined device compartments include a laptop storage to secure a 13"-15" MacBook Pro (or other 13"-15" laptop), and separate interior storage for your tablet (ex: iPad, iPad Air, iPad Mini, etc), and an organizer for pens, cards, etc. All this, and there is still a roomy, central main storage area to use as you see fit.

    In typical HEX fashion, we have included surplus grade web handles, bar-tacked at the seams for durability, genuine leather zipper pulls, and custom black logo lining round out the feature set on this convertible bag.

    Available Now: $99.95

    The Convertible Tote featured in this months Product Spotlight, is a part of the Century Collection. Century is a vast 14-piece selection of bags, cases, and carry-alls.

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