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  • Ghost Writer: Alan Sartirana - Cuba, The State Of The STATE


    We have know Alan Sartirana since his days as the head of Filter Magazine.  Now the Founder of FLOOD Magazine, we were excited to have his exclusive thoughts and pictures from a recent trip to Cuba.  Enjoy seeing the State through his eyes.

    Since the Castros brought the communist revolution to the state of Cuba in 1959, things have been less than ideal for the common Cuban citizen. Sure, the Soviet Union hung around to help them out, but with the demise of the Cold War there wasn’t much investment left to help maintain the vanishing sights of Sinatra’s Cuba from the ’50s. When you pull back the curtains on Habana and see past Hemingway’s former haunts and the state-run tourist traps like La Floridita, Ambos Mundos, and Dos Hermanos, you’ll find street after street of dilapidated buildings and people whose morale has carried the burden for over fifty years.

    Che! DosHermanos Dos Hermanos HabanaFleaMarket_Records

    Records At Habana Flea Market With President Obama improving relations over the past five years, including the lifting of various travel restrictions in the past several months, Cuba has become the hipster hangout for Americans that want to get a look under the hood before the W opens up in central Habana. But before that happens, a lot has to change, and as one local told me, Cuba tiene que cambiar por adentro, no d’esde afuera: “Cuba has to change from the inside, not from the outside.” Of course person-to-person and cultural trips, music festivals, and tourism will help the Cuban economy, but currently that mainly just helps the Castros and their communist state keep control over their already defeated citizens. Being a lawyer or a doctor and making $20 a month with a ration of three eggs a week won’t cut it, so it’s better be a tour guide or taxi driver for the state.

    CubaRain Cuba Rain

    La Floridita Jazz Band

    CubaWifiCuba Wi-fi

    The Internet recently landed on the island, but if you’re a local good luck exploring much of anything when a wifi card costs an entire week’s earnings. However, there is a dynamic shift between the past generations and the millennials that are coming up, buoyed by the hope that Obama’s changes will bring a significant paradigm shift and increased outside interest in Cuban culture. From the Taller Experimental de Lithografia (Habana’s longtime silkscreen shop serving many underground artists) to la Fabrica de Arte (which has hosted shows with musicians ranging from Questlove to Diplo to Old 97’s Rhett Miller), Habana is slowly seeing change happen from the inside. Of course, this being Cuba, many question whether the change is real or if it’s another round of state-funded propaganda to keep control of the conversation. Only time will tell...

    -  Alan Sartirana
    Travel arrangements by Cuba Network.

    A Cuba Record Wall
    A Cuba Record Wall

    Palacios Del Marques

    Hemingway's Apartment

    Habana Street Performers

    Whatcha Want

  • HEX x Community54 Capsule And Pop-Up Shop


    A new year means new flames and we're not trying to waste no time bringing it to you. If you've had an eye on what has been happening in the last little while with Community54 you're aware that we've been going hard the last little while. We've added a bunch of new members to the crew, been highlighted by Hennessy for their Henny artistry campaign, hosted an epic party with Common base, and made history with a brand new store on Ossington showing love to the women and children of street wear. During all of these events it really made us reflect on our humble beginnings and reinstated the feelings we had when the first Community54 shop was open. It reminded us about who we owe all our success to and who we think about every time we set out on new adventures. That moment brought to us to create our newest slogan "COMMUNITY OVER EVERYTHING". It's truly how we operate and the most important thing we remember before every move we make. This is why we did our most recent collaboration with HEX.

    Community54-Hex 471676

    HEX is an apparel brand known for their devotion to quality and functionality. The importance of premium materials, textures, and finishing are all designed into the DNA of HEX. Their products focus on innovation and a drive to develop things that function as well as they look.

    Community54-Hex 471727

    Our collaboration with HEX includes a heavy duty travel back pack, duffle bag, dopp kit and iphone 6 generation cases, all branded with a "COMMUNITY OVER EVERYTHING" patch. This collection will allow all of us to never forget what we value most, wherever our travels take us.


    Stop by the shop to cop the collection.

    SHOT BY: @stevecarty
    MODEL: @clinteve

  • Modern Vagabonds - Spring Summer 2016 Lookbook Video

    Today we are proud to announce the launch of our Spring/Summer marketing campaign, titled "Modern Vagabonds".

    "We love exploring the different facets of modern life," says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “This campaign highlights our quest to wander through life, and all its beautiful experiences and places, on our own terms.”

    The video was filmed on a RED camera in Joshua Tree, California by Edgar Obrand.

    This campaign will provide the backdrop that all Spring/Summer 2016 marketing and advertising will be set against.

    Modern Vagabonds
    We want freedom - freedom to wander through life on our own terms. Feeding that wanderlust while controlling our destiny is the new brass ring. We wander, not because we are lost, but because we enjoy the adventure. But on our journey, flop houses and dirty hostels have instead been replaced with stunning visions in glass, steel and stone. We blur the lines between nature and civilization, between the rat race and chasing down our dreams. Each stop along the way scratches an itch, and plants new seeds of imagination. We take time to watch colors unfold across a landscape lit with possibility. So come along with us as we explore the sights and mark time to the soundtrack of our souls.

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