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  • Introducing The Division Collection

    Today HEX announced the release of the Division Collection, a 12-piece capsule of bags, cases and carry-alls. The Division Collection is the latest HEX’s line of award-winning products and boasts a striking new print and color palette paired with superior device protection.

    Division Collection

    “The Division Collection features a fresh geometric print,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “We played with intersections and convergent lines and then added the fatigue green lining and vachetta leather pulls to give it that extra dimension.”

    The collection features a durable, water resistant, premium waxed canvas outer shell in a custom brown and black geometric print with fatigue green custom lining. HEX pairs this with their signature surplus grade cotton web strapping and interior micro fleece lined pockets for ultimate device protection-achieving both looks and performance. The Division Collection reflects abstract and modern art that will enhance any wardrobe. Priced from $34.99 to $69.99 for cases and wallets for your iPhone 5/5S, iPad Mini, and iPad Air and from $39.95 to $139.95 for the collection of bags and backpacks.



    One bag to highlight is the Cloak Backpack. This great shape really mixes both the urban and modern elements of HEX’s style. It has a large main compartment, organizer and includes the front padded iPad or tablet pocket that is so recognizably HEX. But it also features a rucksack-style liner, as well as a fleece-lined sunglass pocket on the front flap. The Cloak Backpack will accommodate up to a 15” Macbook or laptop and is priced at $99.95.

    Division Cloak Detail

    Division Cloak Sunglass-Pocket

    Division Cloak Close-up-Detail

    The Division Collection is available now for purchase at and other select high-end retailers near you.

    Division Collection Group Closeup

  • Catching Up With Allah-Las

    The Allah-Las are one of our favorite Los Angeles bands.  We recently had a great time chatting with Matt, Spencer, Miles, and Pedrum before their killer set at Echo Park Rising downtown.  It was short and sweet and the guys talked about beginnings, inspirations and their new album.



    Here's how the convo went down:

    HEX: I know a bunch of you guys met when you were at Amoeba Records, can  you give us the backstory on that.  What brought you there, and how did it all come together?

    Allah-Las: Matt started working at the San Francisco Amoeba, and then he got me a job, and Pedrum worked there as well.  We worked there for a little while together, and then started the band together, with Miles.  That was about six years ago.
    Three of us went to high school together.  That's how we knew each other.

    HEX: You guys work a lot with Nick Waterhouse on your recordings.  How has he influenced the progression of the sound?

    Allah-Las: We also want to give a shout-out to Dan Horn who was a big part of the last record we did.
    The studio is actually right here, on the other side of that red, that red brick building [points].
    So Dan Horn and Nick Waterhouse both have a good influence, and are great people to work with.  It's always fun making records with those guys.


    HEX: You guys are traveling all over the world now.  How would you define “The L.A. Sound” , or what you guys' version of the L.A. sound is?

    Allah-Las: I think people take different things and try to mix them up together.  That's, that's kind of what this town is all about.  But it’s hard to say.  Everybody takes their different route, I guess.

    HEX: What's the vibe behind the new album?  Where did it come from, where are you going with it?

    Allah-Las: This one we had all the songs were thought out on the road by us individually or collectively, and we've gotten a chance to kind of work them out, hash them out in the studio afterward.  As opposed to the last record where we just played them live over and over again, and figured them out that way.  Doing it in the studio gave us the opportunity to be a little more creative with instrumentation and throw different things in there, try things.  It was a good experience for us.  We really enjoyed doing that.

    HEX: It's coming out, what, September, next month?

    Allah-Las: The 16th, yes.

    HEX: So your tour will start off in Europe.  Are there any specific place you guys are really looking forward to playing or places you're looking forward to getting back to?

    Allah-Las: We really like Greece.
    The South of France.  Spain.  Those were fun places to visit.
    The first show we're playing is in Mallorca.  It's a festival out there, so that's going to be really rad.  We are really looking forward to that.

    HEX: When I listen to your music, I hear a lot of modern elements, but I also hear some kind-of classic, and some nostalgic stuff.  Is that something that you guys do on purpose, mixing the modern and the nostalgic stuff, or does it just kind of come out that way?

    Allah-Las: Well, since it's being made now, it's going to sound modern in some capacity.
    That's the modern thing about it.  It's music being made now by people alive now.  But we also like a lot of old music, so that's in there, too.  It's not a very conscious thing.
    With the sounds we like, it just adds up.


    HEX: So it just comes about organically then?

    Allah-Las: Yeah, we didn't get together like, "Let's make an old-sounding band."  We just kind of got together and started playing music together and we were all inspired and influenced by a lot of the same stuff, and a lot of that's older stuff, so it just kind of came out that way.

    HEX: When you write your songs, do you guys write lyrics first, and then construct the songs around it, or do you guys just jam and get the music, and then put lyrics to it?  How does it usually come about?

    Allah-Las: Well, the first record, it was mostly that someone would have a riff or something, and we would jam on it and make the parts, and then Miles would go and write lyrics for it.  For the most part, that's how the first record went.  The second record, I wrote some songs, Miles wrote some songs, and we just put them together with all of us, all the input, to make them what they are now.


    HEX: So it's almost a different each time, kind of based on where you're at.

    Allah-Las: Yeah.  It's kind of how it happened after being on the road for so long after the first record.
    You never know what's going to become a song and what's not.  Maybe you'll think of a lyrical idea, or maybe you'll think of a musical idea that forms into something great.

    HEX: To finish up:  What are you guys listening to currently?  What would we find on your playlists?

    Allah-Las: We've got this blog called Reverberation Radio.  It's a podcast we do with us and six of our close friends, and every week, we have a 30-minute playlist, and share music around and post it up.  So that's the best way to, to find out what we're listening to, is... Too much stuff to name, really.
    That’s kind-of our outlet for sharing the stuff that inspires us.


  • Ghost Writer: Ricki Bedenbaugh - "Keep On Pushin'"

    Professional skateboard filming takes a lot more than just pushing a red button. Capturing some of the gnarliest tricks is now being combined with unreal skate spots and scenery to become it's own art form. Recently The Berrics and RED Digital Cinema held a unique and innovative contest called REDirect. REDirect is a celebration of skateboard film making featuring 11 of the most visionary filmmakers in the world. Each filmer is responsible for directing the overall look and feel of their version of the modern skate video as we know it. Given a RED Epic camera (the industry standard for Hollywood movies, and retailing for $35,000 big ones) and complete creative control to bring his vision of skateboarding to life.


    Our good friend, awesome filmer, and overall nice guy, Ricki Bedenbaugh was selected as one of the 11 filmers to participate in this exclusive contest. Some focused on scenery, some focused on tricks, some used crazy editing techniques and some even used their pets. Ricki focused on the most important part of skateboarding: pushing around and enjoying the experience. He used some of today's best skaters, some skateboarding legends, and even a kid who just stepped foot on a board. The finished product is called "Keep On Pushin" and if it doesn't inspire you to go push around on a skateboard, I don't know what will...

    Keep On Pushin' - RICKI BEDENBAUGH

    Here are some exclusive words of insight and what inspired "Keep On Pushin" from Ricki, himself:

    Pushing is the first thing you learn to do on a skateboard and no matter how old you are you'll always be able to do that.  There's no age limit to skateboarding, Natas Kaupas started at 3, and he's 45. Ryder, the little kid I ended Keep On Pushin' with, is 3 years old.  I think it's pretty awesome to see someone start skateboarding, and know it's the beginning of something that will last a lifetime.

    That's the beauty of it, you can basically walk out your front door and the world is your skatepark. Well, until a security guard, police, or some 72 year old lady kicks you out for skating a parking block, but that's what makes skateboarding so much fun.

    No matter where you are in this world, no matter how old you are when you hear the sound of a skateboard coming down the street or a sidewalk, you're going to look, it's just a natural reaction.  You never know, it could be your friend, or it could be some guy going to the liquor store.  Hell, it could even be Ray Barbee!  There is nothing else in this world that has that sound.

    Skateboarding is my life. There is nothing that has been a part of my life as long as skateboarding has.  My father gave me a Variflex Hi-Tail for Christmas in 1985, and because of this little wooden toy, I've traveled the world, been to places I never thought I would go, seen things I thought I would never see, met and became friends with my all of my childhood heroes, and most of all, learned lifelong lessons. This is why I made Keep On Pushin'.  It's my way of thanking skateboarding for all it has given me.  None of this would of happened without skateboarding.

    Skateboarding truly is the Fountain of Youth.

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.03.46 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.03.15 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.02.43 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.02.26 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.02.11 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 9.01.47 PM

    Screen Shot 2014-07-27 at 8.47.19 PM

    Ricki shot our 2012 Spring/Summer lookbook and we couldn't be more stoked with the results. Thanks again Ricki! Stay tuned for some more HEX video work from Ricki coming soon.

  • Product Spotlight: The Supply Overnight Travel Bag

    A new form factor to the HEX lineup is the Overnight Travel Bag, which makes its debut in the Supply Collection.  It's ideal for a trip to the gym, a quick business trip, a seriously great airline bag, or to hold your change of clothes after a surf sesh.  It's the modern duffel you have been looking for.

    Supply Overnight BagThe Supply Overnight Travel Bag - looking sharp

    This overnight bag is loaded with tech pockets, as you would expect from HEX, and we'll talk more about that in a moment. The overall size of the bag is compact enough that you won't feel like you have a bulky duffel, yet the interior is maximized to ensure you can carry what you need. Here are the specs:

    Exterior: 18.5"l x 8.75"w x 13.5"h
    Interior: 32.7 Liters or 1998ci

    The roomy main compartment will hold a pair of pants, a few shirts, shoes, your dopp kit, and more. There are 2 internal slip pockets for additional organization, socks, etc.  The interior features a custom nylon burgundy logo interior lining that will wipe down easy.

    On the exterior, you will find a two front pockets: one fleece-lined and padded for iPad or other tablet, and the other contains an organizer and room for phone, chargers, or accessories. The rear side of the bag boast a large padded exterior access pocket for
    your laptop. It will hold up to a 15" Macbook Pro or other similar sized laptop.

    Supply Overnight Bag - iPad Pocket

    Front padded pockets for iPad or tablet

    Supply Overnight Bag - Laptop Pocket

    Rear padded Macbook or laptop pocket

    This combination of features, truly provides thoughtful device storage and protection while maintaining a slim profile and plenty of space for whatever your travels dictate.  A removable shoulder strap and genuine leather zipper pulls are also included. The outer shell is constructed from water resistant, waxed industrial charcoal canvas, with jet black coated trim, providing water resistance to its great texture and feel.

    Give the Overnight Travel Bag a run out and we think you will never want to use anything less.

    Supply Overnight Travel Bag

    Left: Front view. Right: Front showing the usage of the padded tablet pocket.

    Supply Overnight Travel Bag

    Left: Rear view. Right: Rear view showing usage of the laptop pocket (ex: 15" Macbook Pro).

    Supply Overnight Travel Bag

    Left: Inside view of the main compartment and slip pockets. Right: Organizer/tech pocket.

    Supply Overnight Travel Bag

    Side view of bag with shoulder strap attached.


    Buy Now

  • HEX Announces The Supply Collection

    Oxnard, Calif.  (July 23,  2014)HEX, award-winning fashion tech accessory brand, today announced the release of the Supply Collection, a vast 20-piece selection of bags, cases and carry-alls.  The Supply Collection continues HEX’s line of award-winning products and provides efficient device protection with clean, understated style.


    “The Supply Collection is HEX’s take on basic black,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “We wanted an updated and sleek look that was both rugged and classic at the same time – Supply is definitely the right answer for almost any situation.”

    The collection features a durable, water resistant, premium waxed canvas outer shell in industrial charcoal, with jet black coated trim.  HEX pairs this with their signature surplus grade cotton web strapping, custom burgundy logo lining, and interior micro fleece lined pockets for maximum device protection.  Priced from $34.99 to $69.99 for cases and wallets for your iPhone 5/5S, iPad Mini, and iPad Air and from $39.95 to $139.95 for the collection of bags and backpacks.


    A style to highlight is the Alliance Backpack.  This rucksack-inspired shape really shows off HEX’s commitment to efficiency.  It has a super-slim profile and small footprint, yet still makes room for up to a 15” Macbook (and most others) as well as a front access iPad or tablet pocket, interior organizer, and plenty of room for papers and documents.  Priced at $79.95, the Alliance Backpack represents a new standard in style, functionality and value.

    Supply Alliance Backpack

    The Supply Collection is HEX’s widest collection to date at 20 pieces.  It features core favorites like the Laptop Duffel and Sonic Backpack, but also includes the new 15” Convertible Sleeve, the super-functional Gear Bag, and the versatile Convertible Briefcase.  In addition, it is the first collection to feature both the Overnighter and Weekender travel bags.

    Supply Origin Laptop Backpack

    Supply Camera Gear Bag

    Supply Convertible Laptop Briefcase and Alliance Slim Backpack

    The Supply Collection is available now for purchase at and other select high-end retailers near you. For more information on the collection and HEX’s extensive line of techcessories, visit the website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Supply Camera Gear Bag

  • Field Report: Arts District

    HEX Pieces Used
    Camera Gear Bag
    Solo Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

    I started hanging around Downtown LA in the early 2000’s and the area has experienced massive change since then. My early trips to downtown were either to walk around shooting street photos or to go skating. During that time, the only real place in the area to get some food and a coffee was at Groundworks (now Novel Café). In the ten + years since that time however, this small area has transformed into what most people know it to be now, The Arts District.



    Just like in many cities, what started out as a low rent area occupied by artists, photographers and other creative people has now become a city hub. You could make the argument that it’s not as raw or diverse as before, but the truth is that it’s nice to be able to walk around after dark and the new culture and life that has been brought to the area makes it a really great place to live, work, or just visit.

    The Arts District occupies the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles. Its borders are roughly Alameda Street on the west, the 101 freeway on the north, the LA River to the east, and 7th Street to the south. The area is now filled with too many great places for us to review here so we stuck to a few of our favorite key spots to get you started if you’ve never been or haven’t been much.

    One of the early businesses to move into the Arts District remains one it’s staples: Wurstkuche. Located on Traction Ave at the main corner of the Art Districts, Wurstkuche is a great place to either start or end your day, or even as a place to break up your day. Focusing on specialty sausage made in house and a big selection of both German and domestic beers, there’s often a line but it’s well worth it. Once you order your food and or beers you can relax in the indoor seating area or out on the patio where you get a great view of the area and the downtown LA skyline.


    Right next door to Wurstkuche are the Apolis headquarters. Founded in 2004 by brothers Raan and Shea Parton, the Apolis brand is definitely one to keep an eye on if you aren’t already, and their flagship store is always a great stop, always stocked with something new and different. Founder Raan Parton also recently opened a new concept boutique a few doors down from Apolis called Alchemy Works. Conceived to feel like the physical incarnation of a Tumblr site, the space almost feels more like a well-curated museum than a retail store.




    In between Apolis and Alchemy Works is the ever eclectic Poketo. It’s difficult to categorize what Poketo is all about except to say that it is filled with a funky mix of inspiring and quality products. Everything from stamp making kits and childrens block sets to apparel and books. It’s one of those places you walk into just to check out and end up staying in for way too long. In our age of feeling like you know about every product and brand out there from blogs and instagram, it’s rare to find a whole store full of brands and pieces that you haven’t seen. Poketo definitely tops the list if you’re mission in LA is one of creative inspiration.


    Tucked back on Garey Street which dead ends at Alchemy Works, Woo Souvenir Shop is another great new place. The owners have been here for over 7 years but just recently opened a storefront featuring pieces from their own lines as well as a few other select brands. A great stop if you are looking for a gift or just something much more on the subtle side. Woo makes most of their pieces in-house right in the back of the store, including the patterns and sewing work. This is a pretty rare thing to see and definitely gives you a good feeling knowing exactly where the pieces are made.


    If you head farther down 3rd you will run SCI-Arc, The Southern California Institute of Architecture and their Art Supply Store. The store serves both the student body and the downtown community, offering competitive prices for architecture and art supplies. The extensive inventory of model-making materials includes a wide selection of bass- and hard-woods, as well as plastic, metal and wood structural shapes. At HEX we are heavily inspired by Architecture and Design so this stop is a must for us.


    Heading back to the main intersection of the Arts District you can head down traction and stop into the Pie Hole for the best pie in the city, possibly the state. Or you can go a few doors down to another early Arts District Establishment, Zip Izaka-Ya Sushi. And just next door to them is the District Gallery if you want to see some art in a gallery setting, and if you’ve ever been to the area you know the street offers even more art by high profiles artists like JR and Shepard Fairey. Even the sidewalks and parking lots are filled with paint, color and art. And just in case you like to play it safe, there’s even an Umami Burger in the Arts District now, something I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago but is a welcome addition to an already thriving neighborhood.


    Zip Izaka-ya


    We’re just scratching the surface here but we hope you’ll take our advice and check out the area if you haven’t already. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and even if you are for some reason you’re only a couple blocks from Little Tokyo, The Geffen Contemporary Art Museum and… well we’ll save the rest for a future Field Report.

    Thanks for reading this, we hope it inspires you to explore the Arts District or another area of LA or your city that you’ve never been to or haven’t visited in a long time. We’ve got you covered with our HEX gear and Field Reports, so get out there and start exploring, there’s always something new to see.








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