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  • HEX x Staple Pigeon Cases For iPhone 6 Now Available



    HEX and Jeff Staple are pleased to announce the release of their collaborative line of wallets and cases for iPhone 6, available today at,, and Reed Space, New York, as well as select authorized retailers.

    There are three products in the collection, all of which are constructed in genuine leather printed in a custom Staple graphic:  The Icon Wallet, which incorporates 3 internal card slots and an internal cash pocket in a journal-style case; The Solo Wallet, which has 2 external card slots directly on the back of the case; and the Focus Case, which is a classic snap case design.

    “Staple never really has dabbled in the iPhone protection game. I’ve always wanted to, but we have so much on our plate it made sense to collaborate with experts in the field. Hex has long been a well-represented brand in @ReedSpace, so it made sense to work with them on it. We took reference cues from our Holiday Collection so that the cases can hook up to our @staplepigeon collection—but rocked alone—they also make a visual impact”, says Jeff Staple, Owner.

    “We have enjoyed a great relationship working with Jeff’s store over the years”, said Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder of HEX.  “Our respect for Jeff, Reed Space and Staple Design over the years made our choice to collaborate an easy one.”





  • Minus The Bear At The Troubador

    DSCN6168The Troubadour is hands down my favorite venue in LA.  It is a smaller, 350-person capacity venue that showcases all types of music and is booked year round.  This Iconic venue has hosted and helped the careers of so many great musicians, and it is amazing to see some of the biggest bands play this tiny room.  This Fall, I was lucky to see two of my favorite punk bands play sold-out shows within weeks of each other.  The icing on the cake was when another of my favorites, Minus The Bear, added one last show here at the end of November.  This would be the last show on their Fall "Lost Loves" Tour in support of lost songs from the bands career that finally made it onto an album.


    One of my good friends, Ryan, has been a guitar tech for Minus The Bear for years.  He got his brother, Kiefer, a drum tech gig with them, and for this tour Kiefer became the fill in drummer.  While Ryan wasn't on the last leg of this run, I was stoked to see Kiefer again and they were just as stoked to get some fresh HEX gear.  I guess I shouldn't have been surprised that the guys all knew about HEX and were pumped to get some bags and cases for their new iPhone 6's.  As mellow as Minus The Bear may sound, they are very technical.  From technique and composition to instruments and gadgets, a technical band needs technical gear and we were happy to outfit them in HEX style!


    The show had been sold-out for some time and The Troubador seemed extra packed.  The guys were very generous in offering us food and drinks before their set.  On top of that they gave us the best spot in the house to watch from, right on stage!  They started off with some of their "Lost Loves" to get the crowd going and quickly warmed up to fan favorites like "My Time" and "Pachuca Sunrise" (videos below). A mix of fast and slow songs kept the crowds attention and the diverse set was full of faves from their impressive catalog.  An hour-and-a-half seems like a long time, but when you are enjoying it as much as any true Minus The Bear fan, it's not enough.



    To me, lead guitar and drums would be the hardest instruments in this band.  Dave holds it down with his shreddy riffs, technical tapping and pedal wizardry and, as you can tell, Kiefer was killing it for being a fill-in drummer!  The band played perfect tonight and you could tell they were stoked about it.  After a month of sold-out shows this was the perfect ending to send them back home on a high.


    Now that is some gear!  At the end of the night we are left with ringing ears, great times and fans that still can't get enough.  Minus The Bear heads back to Seattle for a much needed break and to start working on a new album.  Stoked to hear some new jams from them next year.  If you haven't seen them live yet, keep an eye out for them next year and you won't be disappointed.  If you haven't heard them yet, welcome to your new favorite band!

  • Introducing The Monarch Collection

    The Monarch Collection

    "The Monarch Collection uses classic textures that evoke warm memories,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “The popcorn tweed looks and feels great, and lends itself perfectly to the crisp air and warm luxuries of fall.”


    The collection features a new, charcoal popcorn tweed with flecks of autumn color that is also treated for water resistance. Black coated canvas provides the accents and trim with durability. HEX combines this with their signature surplus grade cotton web strapping and interior micro fleece lined pockets for ultimate device protection-achieving both looks and performance. The Monarch Collection is a perfect addition to any stylish winter wardrobe and is priced from $39.95 to $139.95.

    One bag to highlight is the Overnight Travel Bag. It features a roomy main compartment for plenty of clothing. However, the front of the bag contains two pockets: one fleece-lined and padded for tablets and e-readers, and the other contains an organizer and room for phone, chargers, or accessories. The rear-side of the bag boast a large padded exterior access pocket for laptops of various sizes. This combination of features truly provides thoughtful device storage and protection while still maintaining a slim profile and plenty of space for whatever your travels dictate. And it looks amazing in this new tweed. A removable shoulder strap in also included.

    The Monarch Overnight Duffel




    The Monarch Cloak Backpack

  • Ghost Writer: Eric Jackson - Fly Fishing In La-La Land


    Our relationship with Eric Jackson goes way back almost to the beginning of HEX.  It could be mutual admiration, or something much deeper that we share.  In any case, Eric is not only one of the baddest, most respected snowboarders on the planet, he is also an avid fly-fisherman and naturalist.  So when we heard that he was on his way to British Columbia to camp, fish, and play his banjo, we knew we wanted to hear all about it.  So, we hope you enjoy this edition of our Ghost Writer series with exclusive words and images from Eric and Darcy Bacha, respectively.




    Fly fishing and snowboarding are my two favorite things to do in life, but snowboarding is how I make a living so Its safe to say I like Fly fishing more.... Recently my Buddy Darcy and I packed up all our fishing gear and drove to Northern British Columbia for a 5 week camping trip to the Holy Grail of fly fishing for Steelhead. In my opinion, catching and then releasing a wild Steelhead is the pinnacle of fly fishing.  They are the baddest fish in the rivers. Born in fresh water, where they stay for up to 4 years, then head out to the big blue, where food is abundant. They live in the ocean until its time to spawn, then miraculously navigate their way back to the same river where they were born, but unlike the the salmon, which die after spawning, a steelhead has the ability to go back to the ocean and return to their spawning grounds multiple times. This is truly amazing!




    So many people ask me why I don't eat the fish I catch.  Don't get me wrong, I eat fish. When backpacking in the high country, there is nothing better than a freshly caught trout. But Steelhead are different. Their numbers are at a massive decline, due to netting and commercial operations heavily overfishing the waters. When it comes down to it, I just like catching them.  I like the environment where they live.  And I'd rather just take a moment to admire their beauty, shake hands, and send them on their way to continue such an epic journey in life. These experiences have taught me to not only respect the fish, but to respect all aspects of mother nature, because one way or another, man is out to destroy the wild and natural way of life and I'm thankful to have witnessed nature in such a pristine state. The Journey is the Treasure.

    -Eric Jackson




  • Introducing The Legion Collection

    Oil-Wax Twill Looks Sharp And Will Weather With Use

    Introducing the Legion Collection, a 7-piece selection of bags and sleeves. The Legion Collection is the newest in HEX’s line of award-winning products and features a new fabric treatment with classic outdoor color cues to carry and protect your devices with style.

    e Legion Collection Group Shot

    “The Legion Collection is one of our best yet,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “We put a new spin on a classic outdoor color palette that looks modern and clean, but will age with use to achieve an heirloom patina.”

    Legion Alliance Backpack

    The collection features a water resistant, premium canvas-twill outer shell in classic fatigue green. Waxed and treated to wrinkle, it is designed to wear and age with use to provide a time-worn look and feel.  Warm brown trim further accentuates the outdoor influence in this collection. Inside each bag you will find the HEX signature logo lining in rich burgundy, which provides a modern color pop of the unexpected.  HEX pairs this with surplus grade cotton web strapping and interior micro fleece lined pockets for ultimate device protection achieving both looks and performance.  The Legion Collection is a tight collection including a Laptop Duffel, slimline Alliance Backpack, Laptop Tote, Overnight Travel Bag and Sleeves for MacBook Pro (or similar sized laptops).  Priced from $39.95 to $139.95, the Legion Collection provides HEX’s premium style and quality to anyone looking to venture off the traditional path.

    All bags provide padded and fleece-lined storage for both tablets and laptops, as well as additional pockets for phones and more.

    Legion Alliance Backpack 2

    Legion Laptop Duffel

    Legion Overnight Travel Bag

    Legion Laptop Tote - Girl

    Legion Laptop Tote - Guy

  • Field Report: Hotel Lautner

    HEX Pieces Used:
    Westmore Origin Backpack
    Solo Wallet For iPhone 5/5S
    HEX x HAZE Laptop Tote


    One of the perks of being in the design business is the opportunity it affords to travel and to see other's work for both inspiration and sanctuary.  Both of these terms truly applied to my recent visit to the Hotel Lautner in Desert Hot Springs, California.


    If you read this blog, then you know that I am a huge fan and student of architectural design.  So, for me, this visit was a dream come true since John Lautner ranks high on my list of visionary architects.  The hotel was designed and built in 1947 as part of a master planned community which never materialized.  It sits low to the surrounding desert in a welcoming palette of grey concrete, orange-painted steel beams, and natural wood.  The striking roofline and layout frame the 4 separate rooms, several patios, hot tub, and firepit.

    lautner patio


    The experience is one of true indoor/outdoor living with healthy doses of sweeping glass to blur the lines between your guest room, your patio, and vistas of the desert around and sky above.  The rooms are decked out in mid-century modern style with period art and sculptures as well as a phonograph (translation: record player) and a tasty selection of vinyl to provide the soundtrack for the evening.

    lautner room 2

    lautner phono2

    Like so many modern gems, the hotel fell into disrepair for nearly 20 years, falling out of the memory of a generation.  That is until Tracy Beckmann and Ryan Trowbridge lovingly and painstaking restored the structure over 3 1/2 years to remind us all why good modernism always looks fresh - no matter how "old" it actually is.

    launter b&w

    The desert really is a special place.  It is so vast, so silent and still that it can transport hearts and minds like few places can.  Lautner's design encourages this as it provides comfort and beauty in striking visual appeal to invite you to take in all that surrounds you.

    Modernism is best when it is both a work of art and also a lens enhancing the world around it.  The Hotel Lautner does just this and makes a beautiful location even that much better.

    lautner room

    lautner room 3

    lautner vases


    lautner skylight

    lautner steel




    lautner windmills

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