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  • HEX Announces The Supply Collection

    Oxnard, Calif.  (July 23,  2014)HEX, award-winning fashion tech accessory brand, today announced the release of the Supply Collection, a vast 20-piece selection of bags, cases and carry-alls.  The Supply Collection continues HEX’s line of award-winning products and provides efficient device protection with clean, understated style.


    “The Supply Collection is HEX’s take on basic black,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “We wanted an updated and sleek look that was both rugged and classic at the same time – Supply is definitely the right answer for almost any situation.”

    The collection features a durable, water resistant, premium waxed canvas outer shell in industrial charcoal, with jet black coated trim.  HEX pairs this with their signature surplus grade cotton web strapping, custom burgundy logo lining, and interior micro fleece lined pockets for maximum device protection.  Priced from $34.99 to $69.99 for cases and wallets for your iPhone 5/5S, iPad Mini, and iPad Air and from $39.95 to $139.95 for the collection of bags and backpacks.


    A style to highlight is the Alliance Backpack.  This rucksack-inspired shape really shows off HEX’s commitment to efficiency.  It has a super-slim profile and small footprint, yet still makes room for up to a 15” Macbook (and most others) as well as a front access iPad or tablet pocket, interior organizer, and plenty of room for papers and documents.  Priced at $79.95, the Alliance Backpack represents a new standard in style, functionality and value.

    Supply Alliance Backpack

    The Supply Collection is HEX’s widest collection to date at 20 pieces.  It features core favorites like the Laptop Duffel and Sonic Backpack, but also includes the new 15” Convertible Sleeve, the super-functional Gear Bag, and the versatile Convertible Briefcase.  In addition, it is the first collection to feature both the Overnighter and Weekender travel bags.

    Supply Origin Laptop Backpack

    Supply Camera Gear Bag

    Supply Convertible Laptop Briefcase and Alliance Slim Backpack

    The Supply Collection is available now for purchase at and other select high-end retailers near you. For more information on the collection and HEX’s extensive line of techcessories, visit the website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

    Supply Camera Gear Bag

  • Field Report: Arts District

    HEX Pieces Used
    Camera Gear Bag
    Solo Wallet for iPhone 5/5s

    I started hanging around Downtown LA in the early 2000’s and the area has experienced massive change since then. My early trips to downtown were either to walk around shooting street photos or to go skating. During that time, the only real place in the area to get some food and a coffee was at Groundworks (now Novel Café). In the ten + years since that time however, this small area has transformed into what most people know it to be now, The Arts District.



    Just like in many cities, what started out as a low rent area occupied by artists, photographers and other creative people has now become a city hub. You could make the argument that it’s not as raw or diverse as before, but the truth is that it’s nice to be able to walk around after dark and the new culture and life that has been brought to the area makes it a really great place to live, work, or just visit.

    The Arts District occupies the eastern side of Downtown Los Angeles. Its borders are roughly Alameda Street on the west, the 101 freeway on the north, the LA River to the east, and 7th Street to the south. The area is now filled with too many great places for us to review here so we stuck to a few of our favorite key spots to get you started if you’ve never been or haven’t been much.

    One of the early businesses to move into the Arts District remains one it’s staples: Wurstkuche. Located on Traction Ave at the main corner of the Art Districts, Wurstkuche is a great place to either start or end your day, or even as a place to break up your day. Focusing on specialty sausage made in house and a big selection of both German and domestic beers, there’s often a line but it’s well worth it. Once you order your food and or beers you can relax in the indoor seating area or out on the patio where you get a great view of the area and the downtown LA skyline.


    Right next door to Wurstkuche are the Apolis headquarters. Founded in 2004 by brothers Raan and Shea Parton, the Apolis brand is definitely one to keep an eye on if you aren’t already, and their flagship store is always a great stop, always stocked with something new and different. Founder Raan Parton also recently opened a new concept boutique a few doors down from Apolis called Alchemy Works. Conceived to feel like the physical incarnation of a Tumblr site, the space almost feels more like a well-curated museum than a retail store.




    In between Apolis and Alchemy Works is the ever eclectic Poketo. It’s difficult to categorize what Poketo is all about except to say that it is filled with a funky mix of inspiring and quality products. Everything from stamp making kits and childrens block sets to apparel and books. It’s one of those places you walk into just to check out and end up staying in for way too long. In our age of feeling like you know about every product and brand out there from blogs and instagram, it’s rare to find a whole store full of brands and pieces that you haven’t seen. Poketo definitely tops the list if you’re mission in LA is one of creative inspiration.


    Tucked back on Garey Street which dead ends at Alchemy Works, Woo Souvenir Shop is another great new place. The owners have been here for over 7 years but just recently opened a storefront featuring pieces from their own lines as well as a few other select brands. A great stop if you are looking for a gift or just something much more on the subtle side. Woo makes most of their pieces in-house right in the back of the store, including the patterns and sewing work. This is a pretty rare thing to see and definitely gives you a good feeling knowing exactly where the pieces are made.


    If you head farther down 3rd you will run SCI-Arc, The Southern California Institute of Architecture and their Art Supply Store. The store serves both the student body and the downtown community, offering competitive prices for architecture and art supplies. The extensive inventory of model-making materials includes a wide selection of bass- and hard-woods, as well as plastic, metal and wood structural shapes. At HEX we are heavily inspired by Architecture and Design so this stop is a must for us.


    Heading back to the main intersection of the Arts District you can head down traction and stop into the Pie Hole for the best pie in the city, possibly the state. Or you can go a few doors down to another early Arts District Establishment, Zip Izaka-Ya Sushi. And just next door to them is the District Gallery if you want to see some art in a gallery setting, and if you’ve ever been to the area you know the street offers even more art by high profiles artists like JR and Shepard Fairey. Even the sidewalks and parking lots are filled with paint, color and art. And just in case you like to play it safe, there’s even an Umami Burger in the Arts District now, something I couldn’t have imagined a few years ago but is a welcome addition to an already thriving neighborhood.


    Zip Izaka-ya


    We’re just scratching the surface here but we hope you’ll take our advice and check out the area if you haven’t already. We promise you won’t be disappointed, and even if you are for some reason you’re only a couple blocks from Little Tokyo, The Geffen Contemporary Art Museum and… well we’ll save the rest for a future Field Report.

    Thanks for reading this, we hope it inspires you to explore the Arts District or another area of LA or your city that you’ve never been to or haven’t visited in a long time. We’ve got you covered with our HEX gear and Field Reports, so get out there and start exploring, there’s always something new to see.








  • Downtown for Dwell

    This past weekend we headed to downtown LA for our very first Dwell On Design show. We are huge fans of Dwell so this event was a no-brainer. We have only heard great things about this show, so we were excited to get set up and see what Dwell On Design was all about. As America's largest design event, we found ourselves asking "Why have we not shown here before!?" It was unreal to say the 2 (1)I'm sure most have you have seen us post about The HEX Bus: our mobile retail pop-up shop. Of course we drove it in to show off our new collections and we couldn't have asked for a better spot! As part of Dwell's Outdoor Exhibit, we were placed around some huge and amazing pre-fabricated homes. We were surrounded by awesome neighbors such as Bend Goods, Sprouting Sprocket and a giant Airstream trailer. Being right next to the beer garden didn't hurt either!


    photo 1 (1)



    IMG_5083The neat thing about Dwell On Design is that the show is a Trade Show as well as a retail event. So we were able to show off some of our Fall & Holiday 2014 Collections as well as sell current gear. We brought a ton of stock from our new Outpost, Hayward, Gallery, Option-G and Supply (coming soon) collections and we had an overwhelming response. Thanks to everyone that came by and picked up a bag or phone case from us, enjoy!

    IMG_5109 (2)


    photo (1)



    photo 5

    photo 3

    This show was amazing. They showcased everything from furniture to kitchen appliances to massive houses. Anyone and everyone focusing on design and innovation was here and there was inspiration everywhere! We had a great weekend and you will definitely see us at Dwell On Design next year!

    Keep an eye out for the HEX Bus, we are always on the road at different events such as trade shows, concerts, pop-up markets and street fairs. Here are some photos from a recent night market put on by LA Canvas. They invited us out for an exclusive warehouse sale featuring brands like Stussy, Love Nail Tree, Lee and Hotel 1171. The space got packed, gear got sold and everyone had a great time!



    Follow us on Instagram and Twitter: @shophex to see where the HEX Bus is going to be next. If you want us to be apart of your event, email We are always looking for new places to #HEXplore.

  • HEX Announces The Outpost Collection

    Oxnard, Calif. (June 24, 2014)—HEX, award-winning fashion tech accessory brand, today announced the release of the Outpost Collection, a 11-piece selection of bags, cases and carry-alls. The Outpost Collection continues HEX’s line of award-winning products and features new textile combinations while incorporating function and device protection effortlessly.


    “The Outpost Collection brings a modern spin to camo,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “We love the statement the products make through the sleekness of the cool grey canvas paired with our custom, camo print.”


    The collection features a durable, water resistant, premium waxed canvas outer shell in a cool, slate grey with HEX’s own fully coated custom camo trim. HEX pairs this with their signature surplus grade cotton web strapping and interior micro fleece lined pockets for ultimate device protection achieving both looks and performance. The Outpost Collection rules the urban jungle in style and offers a sophistication that can be appreciated by all. Priced from $34.99 to $69.99 for cases and wallets for your iPhone 5/5S, iPad Mini, and iPad Air and from $39.95 to $139.95 for the collection of bags and backpacks.



    One new bag to highlight is the Weekender travel bag. This great new shape really shows off HEX’s versatility. It boasts a large main compartment for plenty of clothing for a quick trip. But in addition it adds a front access organizer as well as front padded tablet pocket for easy iPad access. On the reverse side of the bag, there is a fully padded laptop pocket that will accommodate up to a 15” Macbook or laptop, plus a padded phone pocket to boot. In true HEX fashion, this bag handles your apparel necessities easily, but also keeps all your digital devices protected and quickly at hand. Priced at $139.95, the Weekender travel bag is a handsome statement of style, functionality and value.



    The Outpost Collection is available now for purchase at and other select high-end retailers near you. For more information on the collection and HEX’s extensive line of techcessories, visit the website, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.



  • Andrew Reynolds "Polaroids"


    Recently, iconic professional skateboarder Andrew Reynolds gave the public a glimpse into his life through a series of his personal Polaroids and 35mm prints. I have skated for over fifteen years and grew up watching “The Boss” Andrew Reynolds kill it year after year. I made sure to be there for opening night of the exhibition at the well-respected Known Gallery on LA’s street-wear mecca: Fairfax Avenue.

    The event was curated by Vice’s Patrick O’Dell who gives his viewers a look into the lives of pro skaters through a video series called Epicly Later’d.  O’Dell found tons of unique photographs stashed away in Boss man’s house and even though Reynolds had no intention of sharing them, O’Dell had to. Reynolds has been shooting photos since he was a young skater and has kept these memories of skating in his driveway, his first Birdhouse tours with Tony Hawk and the shenanigans that went on with the Baker boys. It was amazing to see these photos and imagine the stories that went along with most of them. The exhibit was only open for a few days, so if you missed out, take a look and enjoy!

    IMG_7259As soon as you walk in, the place was packed! Dustin Dollin and tons of pro skaters were there to support.

    IMG_7219Stoked to see this jumbo Polaroid of the infamous Antwuan Dixon right when you walk in. Legend!

    IMG_7261Followed up by two amazing skaters: Slash and Ali Boulala. Classic Ali right there!


    Before The Boss: some amazing childhood photos of Andrew mastering his craft on a skateboard.


    Down the line. Endless Polaroids. Brayden and photos of all the homies.


    Andrew's daughters, Kevin "Spanky" Long and more of Dustin Dollin.


    Erik Ellington and Jerry Hsu Two completely different skaters, right next to each other. Awesome to see!



    Nasty Neckface. Incredible artist, always a part of the skate scene. That wraps up the left side of the exhibit.


    So awesome to see all of the portrait Polaroids all framed together. This was a center piece at the back of the exhibit as you made your way around the room. A lot of these were blown up and used for the show.


    The future of skateboarding. Always good to see youngsters hopping on a board! He's got tricks too!


    The crowd from the back. Tons of support for The Boss from the skateboard community.


    THE BOSS. Passed out with some munchies. I wonder what he thinks looking back at this one. Is this good?



    Shane Heyl. Hard as fuck. Enough said. #shakejunt


    Beagle likes cookies.


    Hmmm...what are you up to Andrew?? Bet there's a story behind this one...




    IMG_7258Here's a good one. Jim Greco after losing a little something. Pain, then surprise and relief.


    Such a great event and I hope more skaters put on similar shows. This was a photographic version of Epicly Later'd, each photo told a story about some point in the life of Andrew Reynolds. So glad that Patrick O'Dell decided to put this together and gave us a rare look at some of the crazy times in Andrew's life. It's always so inspiring to see the skateboard community come together and support each other. Andrew is 36 and reached legend status years ago, don't ever stop doing what you love! Skateboarding is my passion, it's the best thing ever. This show definitely confirmed how much I love skating and got me stoked to get out there and skate.

  • Monophonics at The Roxy


    It had been some time since I had been to The Roxy in Hollywood.  The night was warm and felt like summer was on it’s way.  The room was largely as I remember it from my days of playing there and booking shows along the Sunset Strip.  I had been looking forward to this show as Monophonics definitely brings the funk and to paraphrase Flea – the funk just does something to your body.  And yes we do refer to it as “The Funk”.

    I have been aware of these guys for some time and been a fan from the start.  We used their track “They Don’t Understand” on our Fall 2012 Lookbook video and had a great response.


    I was happy that the sound was heavy and dialed for the show and the boys did not disappoint.  They ripped through a 13-song set with skill and precision.  That’s definitely one thing I always come away with from Monophonics – these guys are real musicians that can actually play.  I know that shouldn’t have to be such a noteworthy point.  But in today’s world of sampled, spliced and affected “musicians”, I always appreciate the true players.


    Being a rhythm section guy myself, I like to key in on bass and drums and Myles and Austin were in the pocket and in control all night.  Kelly’s vocals are gritty, strong and emotive at the same time and he gave everything to the performance and left it on the stage.   Ryan and Nadav on trumpet and trombone were tight bright and brassy, and Ian, on the guitar held it all together along with tasty licks and solos interspersed masterfully.



    About mid-way through the set, the band was joined by Ben l'Oncle Soul straight from Paris, France, for an amazing rendition of “Am I Grooving You”.  This was definitely one of the highlights of the night for me – and for the rest of the crowd, if the cheers were any indication.


    Mr. Ben l'Oncle Soul


    In the end, it was a great night hanging out with the guys, and I thoroughly dug the performance.  If you get the chance, don’t pass it up – go see Monophonics bring the funk!


    Summer's Coming To The Sunset Strip


    Ian, Kelly and Myles Reppin' The HEX Gear





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