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  • From The Street To The League By: Moi Martinez

    Our good friend Moi Martinez recently got the opportunity to continue shooting SLS: Street League Skateboarding, a game changing contest series where street skaters can win some serious money. Moi is amazing at what he does and continues to progress and master his craft. He has been kind enough to share his story and some amazing shots from the first stop of SLS held right here in LA.

    Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

    My Camera and Skateboard were all I needed to keep me off the streets. Growing up in South Central LA I had seen it all. Once I picked up a board I started seeing things from a different point view, a few years later I picked up a camera and the view changed again.

    Torey_nyjah last year sls

    Cole-blunt copy

    This year I actually had the opportunity to once again shoot Street League Skateboarding. This was all made possible by a good homie Fred Van Schie over at FVS Media. I've always been hyped about Street League, I would see these guys rip on the live web casts and be stoked on how the pros would skate these gnarly obstacles with such ease. It’s a much different vibe in person, witnessing the action happening a few feet away from you. Being able to photograph these special moments was so unreal and an experience I'll never forget.


    That day started with making sure all my lenses, cards and batteries were ready and charged in my camera gear bag. Rushing to get breakfast somewhere near the event, then rushing thru media check in. I don't know why I was rushing, I wasn't even late. I actually showed up and hour early before the practice run on purpose because I have a weird tendency to be hella early for everything.


    Once practice had started most of the guys were out cruising the course. I started pulling out my camera equipment checking my settings, taking a few test shots of some of the guys. Then, what I like to do before the event opens to the public, is walk around and scope out the arena’s nosebleed seats looking for the best spots to get a shot of the whole course.


    It’s finally game time and the camera I chose to use was a Nikon D7000. My lens of choice is a Sigma 70-200 2.8 I sometimes switch out a Tamron 28-75 2.8 but always end up switching back to my Sigma 70-200 2.8 it just handles well and captures faster, sharper images. I start off shooting some of the guys like Ryan Decenzo, Torey Pudwill & Chris Cole.

    Cole-swfs360k copy

    Decenzo-air copy

    After the Diamond Best Trick contest I went to the Street Leauge media room to meet up with the FVS Media crew. The atmosphere was crazy, everyone was so focused and in the zone getting everything up, live and online. The Eye-Fi mobi pro made my job that day so much easier, I was able to upload photos directly from my camera to my iPhone/laptop via wifi. I pulled up my photos to show the guys from FVS media and we discussed which photos from the day would work best for different social media platforms and picked out which ones they liked the most. I trip out on how much hard work it takes for everyone to come together and run a live event like Street League. I feel so blessed to be a part of something this big and I couldn't be more thankful. Shout out to the Street League crew for the great experience, and a BIG shout out to Fred Van Schie and to HEX for supporting me since day one

  • Product Spotlight: DSLR Backpack

    With the new DSLR Capsule Collection, we are proud to introduce the DSLR Backpack. So many photographers are looking for that perfect bag that will secure and protect their DSLR setup along with their laptop, tablet, ect but they also want it to look great. That is where the HEX DSLR Backpack comes in. We worked with top photographers, like Van Styles, and we believe we have brought something new and exciting to the market.




    The bag is offered in both a matte black and a custom camo. Constructed in premium, coated canvas, for a water resistant exterior, these bags have a solid and overall sturdy feel. The matte black color way is accented with copper hardware and the camo is accented with gun metal hardware.


    On the front you will find a zippered, padded tablet/phone pocket lined with faux-fur. On one side you will find two quick access zippered pockets for your lens cap and memory cards. The other side has 2 straps with buckles to secure your tripod.

    Flip open the top flap and you will find a zippered main compartment loaded with space and pockets for your laptop (up to a 17" MacBook Pro) as well as pockets for cables, accessories, organizer, and even room for a change of clothes. You won't be disappointed with the space this storage area provides.


    The back of the bag and the backpack straps features air-mesh to keep your back cool as your wear the bag.

    DSLR Compartment
    To get to the main DSLR compartment, you simply lay the bag on its face and fold the backpack straps to their respective sides. This reveals zippered hatch where your DSLR gear is stored. This large main compartment complete with modular EVA foam dividers to offers a fully customizable setup for your specific equipment.


    See the example setup to show just how much you can comfortably transport in this bag!

    HEX-DSLR-Black-Backpack-LoadedAs you can see, there is plenty of room to make your setup work.

    HEX-DSLR-Black-Backpack-Loaded-VanStylesHere's how Van Styles packs out our new DSLR Backpack with his Leica setup

    HEX-DSLR-Camo-Backpack-Top-HatchThe zippered top access hatch gives you quick access to your DSLR.

    To finish off the feature set of the DSLR Backpack you will find surplus grade web straps with a chest compression strap and genuine Leather zipper pulls.


    The DSLR Backpack featured in this months Product Spotlight, is a part of the DSLR Capsule Collection.


  • The HEX Bus Pops Up At Active Rancho w/ Guy Mariano

    This past weekend we had a HEX pop up shop at Active Ride Shop's Rancho Cucamonga location. We were fortunate enough to get one of the best skaters in the game, Guy Mariano to come hang with us for the day. HEX recently launched at Active and we wanted to offer a promotion that would benefit Active and the local Rancho skaters. The first 30 people to buy a HEX backpack got a ticket for a skate session with Guy at Active's private skatepark...pretty sick! A lot of kids showed up and we started the day off right with a few games of skate.





    Guy, showing us how to properly land a 360 shuv it.


    Had to bring the BBQ! We grilled a bunch of hot dogs for everyone to keep the energy going.


    They don't call it a pop up shop for nothin'...we show up, pop open the doors and we're good to go!


    The perfect place for a hot dog and drink didn't last long!


    Thanks PBR! You made the day that much better.


    Checking out some old rip clips.


     The squad relaxing after a few games of skate. Man it's hot out in Rancho!


    Time for a flat-bar sesh!




    The Rancho location got one of our huge gondola displays and we had a ton of stock on hand to get these kids back to school in style!

    3P1A2776 3P1A2773 3P1A2780


    Solid crew. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported. Great hanging and skating with everyone!



     Guy signing some Active x Girl x Guy boards for fans. Classy.



    Taking a quick break before heading over to the Active HQ for a private sesh at their indoor skatepark.


     James catching a stylish 360 flip.


     Guy warming up with a feeble on the rail.


     Little dude, big kickflip.


     Guy with a perfect nosegrind down the hubba.


     Rancho store manager Casey locking into a perfect smith grind.


     360 Lipslide. Had to get a few GoPro clips in there...


     Raise 'em up! Frontside air tail slapper.



     Guy signing one of the HEX posters we brought for everyone.


     What a great day! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported HEX and Active. Thanks to Guy for hanging out all day and skating with everyone. This will be one for the books! Until next time...

  • Introducing The DSLR Camera Capsule


    We are proud to announce the release of our new capsule of camera bags.

    “This sector is close to our hearts,” says Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder. “We love photography and photographers, but found that too many camera bags didn’t embody the spirit of the artists of today. We wanted to provide photographers with serious bags that carry a lot of gear, but we wanted them to also handle digital technology needs and, importantly, they needed to look like great bags that you would want to wear even if they weren’t decked out for your camera. We worked with top Photographers, like Van Styles, and we believe we have brought some exciting new products to market.”

    The capsule features 3 bags: the DSLR Backpack, DSLR Sling, and the Crossbody Pouch. These bags are available in both a custom camo print as well as black, and both colorways are fully coated for weather resistance, and like all HEX products are fully #DeviceReady.


    The DSLR Backpack looks like a backpack – not some weird hybrid bag – and holds a ton of gear inside a large main compartment complete with modular EVA foam dividers to offer a customizable setup. The main compartment is accessible either through the zip-open back or through the quick access at the top of the bag. The Backpack is also outfitted with a front access padded and faux-fur-lined tablet/phone pocket, a large additional front compartment that can hold anything including a days extra clothes, padded laptop storage for up to a 17” laptop, organizer, smart side pockets for lens caps or SD cards, an ID card holder, airmesh padded back and straps, a compression strap for added stability and comfort, tripod storage straps, and genuine leather zipper pulls - and all packaged in signature HEX style. The DSLR Backpack is priced at $199.95 and is available now at and select premium retail partners.




    The DSLR Sling is a truly versatile camera bag. It is a super efficient size that still provides laptop storage for up to a 13” laptop, quick access padded and faux-fur-lined tablet/phone pocket, ID card holder, organizer, tripod storage straps, and EVA foam protection. But it also uses in ingenious one-shoulder sling design to allow you to quickly swing the bag from your back to front and access your camera and lens gear through a roomy side access opening. In addition HEX’s trademark HEX Blox TM add customizable stacking options to the main compartment to further support each individual setup. The DSLR Sling is priced at $149.95 and is available now at and select premium retail partners.



    The Crossbody Pouch is an ideal solution for quick protection for your point-and-shoot, compact, or Go-Pro, or other POV camera. It is fully lined in faux-fur and padded out in EVA foam. It also comes with heavy-duty hardware, a rear zipper pocket for memory cards or accessories, and a surplus grade web shoulder strap as well as belt clasp. The Pouch is priced at $34.95 and is available now at and select premium retail partners.



    Learn more about the DSLR Backpack and DSLR Sling on our YouTube Channel.

  • Field Report: Taliesin West



    I recently had a great chance to get my architectural fix when I was able to tour Frank LLoyd Wright's design school and studio, Taliesin West.  Located in Scottsdale, Arizona, Taliesin was dubbed "West" as it was his winter home, as opposed to his studio and home in Wisconsin - which was dubbed "East" after the birth of this Arizona property in 1937.  Today the facility houses the Frank Lloyd Wright School Of Design as well as the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation.


    The main design studio at Taliesin West



    Interior spaces were built behind thick cement and rock walls to insulate against the heat

    Sometimes it is hard to remember that such a premier talent in design, and someone who had such a marked influence in the modernism movement, was born over a century ago in 1867.  He created Taliesin West as an experimental space to house his apprentices in 1937 as it was believed that the dry desert air would benefit his health.


    There was nothing else around when Taliesin West was built and that frontier feeling still exists today


    Wright pioneered the idea of using local materials so that his spaces would fit into the environment around them, and Taliesin West is no different.  It used stone from the rocky hills it sits on for the walls and cement mixes.  Keeping in mind there was no electricity out in this area and that no heavy machinery was used in its construction only further amazes.  Wright would have his students, who lived on site, gather their own materials and build their own structures with their own hands.  Many of these structures were never intended to be permanent - something highlighted by the fact that none of the structures on the campus have foundations - the rock walls themselves served as strength and structural support.  Designated a National Historic Landmark in 1982 means that maintenance and conservation efforts will remain employed to keep the structure for generations of designers in the future to see.



    Architects still study and work at the facility today


    Frank Lloyd Wright lived and worked here until his death in 1959.  He was well known for always being dressed to the nines, despite the desert heat.  Many of his most famous works were designed in the studio at Taliesin West, including the Solomon Guggenheim Museum in New York City.



    I always enjoy seeing the works of master artists and designers - whether they be architectural, industrial, visual, etc.  They inspire us to think new thoughts and show us that reality today does not have to be reality tomorrow.


  • Product Spotlight: Cross Body Bag For MacBook and Surface

    The Cross Body bag at its core is a slim and versital bag packed with features to keep you organzied. This sillouette has been featured in a few of our recent collections and so it is due for a spotlight.



    The bag is constructed in premium, waxed canvas, with black coated trim for a water resistant exterior and a over-all sturdy feel. The external quick-access zippered tablet pocket can be accessed without opening the flap and is large enough to fit a full size iPad 2-4 or an iPad Air (1 or 2). Lifting the magnet secured flap reveals an organizer for pens and pockets for your iPad Mini and Phone and more. On the back of the bag is a snap pocket for additional storage.

    To accent the bag, you will find features like adjustable olive drab surplus grade web strap, camo genuine leather zipper pulls, and bar-tacked critical seams for durability.



    Inside, the bag has a partitioned main compartment consisting of a laptop compartment( padded and faux-fur lined) compatible with the 12" Macbook, 11" MacBook Air, Microsoft Surface 2, & Microsoft Surface 3 and a main storage compartment for anything else you might want to take along like your laptop/tablet power cord. Also included is an interior zippered pocket for cables, headphones, etc. The entire interior of the bag is outfitted in our HEX heritage print.

    Picture below is the Infinity Cross Body with a 12" MacBook in the main laptop storage pocket, iPad Air 2 in the zippered tablet pocket and an iPhone 6 in the phone pocket.


    You said it fits the Microsoft Surface? Pictured below is the Infinity Cross Body bag with the Microsoft Surface 3 in the main laptop/tablet storage sleeve.



    Microsoft Surface 3 Pictured

    The Infinity Cross Body featured in this months Product Spotlight, is a part of the Infinity Collection. This bag is also available in Charcoal Canvas, Striped Canvas, and a Grey Canvas.

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