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  • The HEX Bus Pops Up At Active Rancho w/ Guy Mariano

    This past weekend we had a HEX pop up shop at Active Ride Shop's Rancho Cucamonga location. We were fortunate enough to get one of the best skaters in the game, Guy Mariano to come hang with us for the day. HEX recently launched at Active and we wanted to offer a promotion that would benefit Active and the local Rancho skaters. The first 30 people to buy a HEX backpack got a ticket for a skate session with Guy at Active's private skatepark...pretty sick! A lot of kids showed up and we started the day off right with a few games of skate.





    Guy, showing us how to properly land a 360 shuv it.


    Had to bring the BBQ! We grilled a bunch of hot dogs for everyone to keep the energy going.


    They don't call it a pop up shop for nothin'...we show up, pop open the doors and we're good to go!


    The perfect place for a hot dog and drink didn't last long!


    Thanks PBR! You made the day that much better.


    Checking out some old rip clips.


     The squad relaxing after a few games of skate. Man it's hot out in Rancho!


    Time for a flat-bar sesh!




    The Rancho location got one of our huge gondola displays and we had a ton of stock on hand to get these kids back to school in style!

    3P1A2776 3P1A2773 3P1A2780


    Solid crew. Thanks to everyone that came out and supported. Great hanging and skating with everyone!



     Guy signing some Active x Girl x Guy boards for fans. Classy.



    Taking a quick break before heading over to the Active HQ for a private sesh at their indoor skatepark.


     James catching a stylish 360 flip.


     Guy warming up with a feeble on the rail.


     Little dude, big kickflip.


     Guy with a perfect nosegrind down the hubba.


     Rancho store manager Casey locking into a perfect smith grind.


     360 Lipslide. Had to get a few GoPro clips in there...


     Raise 'em up! Frontside air tail slapper.



     Guy signing one of the HEX posters we brought for everyone.


     What a great day! Thanks to everyone that came out and supported HEX and Active. Thanks to Guy for hanging out all day and skating with everyone. This will be one for the books! Until next time...

  • Art Sux Anyways Photo Show in DTLA

    We recently sponsored a photo show in Los Angeles at Think Tank Gallery.  The show was organized by Art Sux Anyways and raised money for the Music Unites charity, so we were down with that for sure.


    The curated mix of photographers spanned both East and West coasts and was intended to "document the lifestyles that we live and breathe, bringing the tranquil and the disobedient to one location where the viewer can, too, participate in the simplicity of nature and the complexity of adapting to urbanization".  Some of the photographers on display included C.R. Stecyk III, Grant Gutierez, Liz Gilson, and Morgan Phillips, to name a few.



    We were lucky enough to be able to select and feature one of our favorite photographers, trashhand, and it was great to see his shot of the Paris underground on such a large scale.


    We brought the HEX Bus along and maneuvered into a very Austin Powers inspired parking spot for the evening.  Desillusion Magazine was also out back showing videos over their projector.

    The Black Suns provided the music and Golden Road Brewery provided the beer, so it was a good night for all involved.


    Max Ehrlich and Nathan Warner were our distinguished hosts


    So check out some of these fine photographers and be on the lookout for The HEX Bus - you never know where it will turn up next!

    Flyer (2)

  • Vans Propeller: A Masterpiece 50 Years In The Making

    Vns_Propeller_Itunes_Ad.jpg7_Today is the day.  50 years in the making and with over 5 years of footage, Vans releases it's first ever full length skateboarding video!  We got a first look at the world premier held at the beautiful Orpheum Theater in downtown Los Angeles.  Luckily, we got tickets in advance as the premier sold out and was packed full.  Crazy to think that this is Vans' first skate video, but it was well worth the wait.   No one was prepared for what we were about to see...

    Los Angeles world premier flyer.  The first time Propeller was shown anywhere, and the first stop of 9 premiers that were held around the world.


    Classic marquee shot before we headed inside.


    Madness finding a seat in this place!


    Everyone mobbing the bar before the video starts.


    Steve Van Doren making quite the entrance in a mobile Old School High Top.  Why not go big on your big night?


    The man himself, Steve Van Doren saying a few words and many thanks to his crew before bringing out the team.


    The Team: Cab, Caples, Lutheran, Hunt Allen, Walker, Chima, Rowan, Dustin, Rowley, AVE, Barros, Grosso, Pfanner, Berle, Crockett, Hassan, Dill, Cardiel, Trujillo, Hosoi, Barbee, Alva.  What a lineup!  Everyone delivers, too many bangers to remember...can't wait to watch this at least 10 more times!


    One of the best skate teams out there.  So many amazing skaters...Who's part will be your favorite?


    My personal favorite.  #1 - A.V.E.  They saved the best for last, that's for sure.


    That may have been the best skate video I have ever seen.  Greg Hunt created a masterpiece, it took a few years, but you can't rush perfection.  This is a straight-up gnarly skateboarding video.  A modern take on all aspects and generations of skateboarding that will make you want to get on your board and never stop pushing.  Full parts from some of the best in the business.  Check out Propeller today, get amped, lace up your Vans and go skate!


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