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  • HEX x What Youth x Lizards of Summer

    We teamed up with What Youth for their Lizards of Summer video contest so the winner wins a HEX DSLR Sling!

    Contrats to Marteen C. on his winning video which you can preview below.

     Contest Details

    If we run your clips in our grand finale summer episode, you’re getting a new backpack


    Summer is coming to a close somewhat soon. And while that doesn’t change how we operate much, we know it means school, work, and a few other obligations, so we wanna go out with a bang this summer. So it’s time to put together the grande finale of Lizards of Summer. We’ve been all over the planet once again, and even got lost in the desert for a few days.  The dregs and odd things folder of our hard rive is over filling, but we want you to join.

    And as a little bonus, our new favorite bag company HEX wants to hook you up with new gear, their new DSLR Sling bag to be exact, and all you have to do is submit your lizards clips to What Youth. If we run your clip, you’re winning the bag. That easy.

    Submit clips to [email protected]. And you know the drill, the odd, funny, fun and interesting from your summer on the run.

  • New Beginnings: HEX Opens On Broadway In DTLA


    We have wanted to open our own retail store for quite a while now... and we just did it!

    For our first store, it only made sense to locate it in Los Angeles.  After researching several neighborhoods, we decided we wanted to be a part of the revival of Broadway in LA’s historic core.  Broadway has the history, energy and vibe we were looking for – we just needed to find the right space.


    One thing Broadway noticeably boasts is a very high concentration of vintage theaters.  As the true center of downtown during the rise of the motion picture industry, the twelve theaters built along along this six-block stretch of Broadway still remain, and are the only concentration of old movie houses left in the United States.  This also makes Broadway the first and largest theater district recognized on the National Register Of Historic Places.  Given our roots in music and the arts, we quickly knew that we would love to hang our shingle at one of these theaters, if at all possible.

    That opportunity arose at the Tower Theater on Broadway and 8th Street, and we ran with it.  The Tower Theater was built in 1927 and designed by S. Charles Lee in the Renaissance Revival style.  The theater opened with the silent picture The Gingham Girls, starring Lois Wilson and George K. Arthur.  The Tower is notable for being the first theater in Los Angeles to be wired for sound to play talking pictures.  It was the location of LA premier of the ground-breaking talking picture The Jazz Singer, starring Al Jolson, in which he introduced the famous phrase, “You ain’t seen nothin’ yet” into the American lexicon.
    The theater has served in many capacities over the years and has made notable appearances in many films including The Omega Man, The Mambo Kings, The Last Action Hero, Fight Club, Coyote Ugly, Mulholland Drive, The Prestige, and Transformers to name a few.

    Now HEX can be added to the illustrious history of the Tower Theater!  We want to carry on the rich tradition of this beautiful building as we bring it with us into this new phase of our brand story.  Typically HEX, we kept the design clean and minimal.  We added warmth through wood and vintage inspired lighting and incorporated elements of steel, concrete, and mid-century design through our mix of appointments and fixtures.  There is even a patch of the old terrazzo flooring visible near the front window, which we kept as a reminder of our link to the building’s history.


    So come down and check us out the next time you are in Los Angeles.  We think you will enjoy what we have put together as well as being able to visit some of our Broadway neighbors including The Ace Hotel, Acne Studios, A.P.C., Tanner Goods, Urban Outfitters, BNKR, Oak, Umami Burger – and soon Cos, Han Kjobenhavn, and Mykita will open up shop as well.  It’s a great time to be involved in the next chapter of LA’s downtown historic core.  See you soon!





  • HEX x Pow Wow! Hawaii

    Ricky Lee Gordon

    Art is important.  It is inspirational, influential, and indispensable to any society.  We have been big fans of what Jasper Wong and his team have been doing with integrating artists into the modern urban landscapes of some of our biggest cities under his Pow Wow! program.  We had the opportunity to participate and sponsor the recent 2016 installment of Pow Wow! Hawaii and wanted to share the experience with you.  So check out the pics and video of the sights and sounds of PowWow! Hawaii and be on the look out for Pow Wow! Long Beach in a couple months time.

    Tristan Eaton

    Tristan Eaton

    Tristan Eaton

    Hueman with HEX x Pow Wow! Hawaii Gear

    Art Collaboration: Hueman with Tatiana Suarez, Lolo YS, Woes, Jose Mertz, and Boy Kong

    Bicicleta Sem Freio



    Lucas Aoki and Mouf


    Collaborative wall with OG Slick, CKaweekS, and Mung Monster

    James Jirat

    Audrey Kawasaki

    Andrew Hem and Ekundayo


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