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  • HEX At The Agenda Show in Long Beach

    Well folks, it's that time of the year again...Tradeshow season...and, boy, have we kicked this one off with a bang!!! Last Wednesday was the first day of Agenda and our booth was going off! Literally on the first day we don't think we ever had the chance to sit down. Especially with our new "Replace Yo Case" going down, where we offered individuals the chance to come swap out their old iPhone case with a brand new one courtesy of us...peeps were all over the place and it was a madhouse!

    Our booth and "Replace yo Case" in full effect!

    In the end, I believe we gave out over 150 brand new cases and wallets to many stoked individuals. After the show ended our night was just beginning, and we ventured out of the hotel to go check out our friend Hanni El Khatib play on the deck of the Queen Mary and then made it back just in time to catch DJ Quik's set at Seville. Just now are we finally catching up on all of the sleep we missed. Anyhow, check the action below and if you will be at Project in Vegas then you must swing by our booth as "Replace Yo Case" will be going down again in true HEX fashion.

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  • "59th & HEX" goes off with a bang

    Last Saturday we took over a section of the downtown NYC Bloomingdale's location for "59th & HEX", an exclusive Pop Up Shop on the main floor, at the Lexington entrance. Needless to say the shoppers were stunned as we brought in a DJ and displayed our products in true-to-form HEX fashion, and at the end of the day we were pretty much wiped out so that says a lot. We want to send a big thank you to Bloomingdale's for letting us turn their floor into a party and to DJ Oskar Mann who kindly supplied the beats!
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  • 59th & HEX

    If you're not busy this Saturday, or even if you are, we highly recommend that you come out to Bloomingdale's in New York City and spend 3 hours with us! We will be setting up a special HEX Pop-Up Shop allowing all who are around to get their HEX on before the holidays. Not to mention, special guest DJ Oskar Mann will be on hand churning out the tunes and lighting up the spot. This is one you surely don't wanna miss, so, don't be shy and get over to the Bloomingdale's in NYC at 59th and Lexington and come hang with us on the "main floor"!!!

    59th Street & Lexington Avenue
    1000 Third Avenue
    New York, NY. 10022
    "Main floor - Lexington entrance"

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