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Innovative Leisure x Boiler Room LA015 party

This Tuesday night we were fortunate enough to be invited up to the Innovative Leisure (IL) Records compound for a Boiler Room TV party that was showcased live to the world via the world wide web. The party, which featured such Turntablists as: Gossamer, Low Limit, Classixx, D-Tiberio and headliner Nosaj Thing was pretty epic to say the least, and even featured a kick off set by label boss Jamie Strong himself that was dope! However, the true highlight for us may have very well been the mysterious band known as RHYE, who just as Nosaj finished his set and everybody thought the show was over proceeded to kick things off in a grand fashion as the whole audience literally did a 180 degree turn to focus their attention on the beautiful sounding vocals, keyboard, violin and cello now coming from the opposite side of the warehouse. Luckily for those in the back who were now automatically in the front by default. Anyhow, if you aren't familiar with any of these artists or IL/Boiler Room in general then we suggest you do some research!

Label head honcho Jamie Strong kicking it off.

Followed up by Gossamer.

By this time the place was packed!

Low Limit (above) and Classixx (below) lit it up!

At some point Nosaj had to take the controls!

The awful moment when you realize the beer is gone...

It's all good though because RYHE killed it!

Nobody ever gives props to the sound guys...but...nice work! Until next time...