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Tag Archives: HEX

  • Field Report: KITH Pops Up For "West Coast Project"

    Ronnie Fieg and his style juggernaut, KITH were at it again last Friday opening a pop-up on Abbot Kinney in Venice.  The event marked the release of Ronnie's collaboration with Asics, dubbed the West Coast Project.



    The space, imagined by Bang 3 Design, looked incredible in shades of blue, white and silver.


    As you would expect from a KITH release, the line formed the night before and stretched around the block.  It still dragged way down the street when we arrived for our personal tour of the shop.



    I must say that the shoes, themselves, are definitely worth the wait.  Ronnie's vision for the rebirth of the Gel-Sights comes in two colorways, dubbed Atlantic and Pacific.  I copped a pair of the Pacific's, myself. So get your hands on a pair of these!  The buzz was big and Ronnie delivered once again on the expectation.


    HEX Co-Founder, Dan Maravilla checking out the new kicks


    Dan Maravilla and Thomas Cykana, KITH


  • Ghost Writer: Brian Kachinsky - Bikes Over Baghdad


    We first met Brian Kachinsky a fews years back at Woodward West.  We liked his vibe and style, and he liked our gear so it was pretty easy to get along.  Brian calls downtown Chicago home, but his second home is wherever his suitcase happens to lay at any given moment. He has been in the BMX game for a while and is still riding as hard as ever. Known for his unique and aggressive approach to street riding, Brian has traveled all around the world and ridden in some of the most obscure, and often forbidden, locations on the planet. Brian has been a long-time friend of Hex, but once the backpack comes off, it’s game on.  We hope you enjoy Brian's exclusive words and pictures below as he tells about his involvement with Bikes Over Baghdad in support of our troops overseas.

    kachinsky 5

    Sometimes traveling is war.  Delays, sleepless nights, waiting in lines, navigating an unfamiliar land, lost baggage, language barriers, the list goes on.  In the past two weeks I have flown over 14,000 miles and, as I sit in this hotel on a rainy day in London, I am counting down the hours until my flight home to Chicago tomorrow.  Just prior to this, I was in the Middle East on a tour called “Bikes Over Baghdad” whose main mission is to assemble BMX riders to go boost morale for the troops out fighting a real war.

    bikes 5

    bikes 14

    bikes 15

    kachinsky 1

    The Middle East is an interesting place.  While there is a lot of turmoil, it’s always amazing to me how many calm, peaceful people you meet along the way.  Bringing BMX closer to the front lines of these conflicts is something we’ve been doing every year since 2009 and is something we enjoy doing.  The sacrifice we make by bringing ourselves into this seemingly dangerous situation is something we do on a daily basis riding BMX anyways so, in a way, it’s a logical combination since the troops over there have a similar mindset.

    bikes 8

    bikes 7

    kachinsky 3

    I think that mindset, however, is misunderstood.  BMXers, much like the vast majority of troops and Middle Eastern people we have met along the way, aren’t just blood thirsty adrenaline junkies.  We are just normal people who have the same desire for excitement and happiness as everyone else around the world.  Throughout these journeys and travels I have come to find that 99.9% of people are good.  People, in general, usually have the best intentions and are willing to help out.  This mindset can be seen in something as small as helping you pick up a quarter you dropped out of your pocket, or as big as helping another country get back on their feet after a hardship.  The majority of troops we have met fit this mold.  They are normal people from all different backgrounds who happen to do an abnormal job.  I’m fortunate to have seen this firsthand.

    bikes 4

    bikes 12

    Even though I wish war didn’t exist, I am more than happy to join with my friends to make others smile, laugh and enjoy life.  Even if this moment of entertainment is a finite period of time, the feeling resonates for much longer.  The feeling of helping others is always just as rewarding as when others help you in times of need.  You don’t need to go to travel to the Middle East to achieve this (but if you have the chance to check out this or any foreign land, I would suggest it).  This can be achieved everyday at home.  Open a door for a stranger, help someone with their luggage, give someone a couple of your french fries at lunch, or just simply smile.  If we all did, then the world would be a better and more peaceful place. These small things will add up to big changes.

    - Brian Kachinsky

    bikes 2

    bikes 1

    bikes 9

    kachinsky 2

    kachinsky 7

    Follow Brian on twitter and instagram at @bkachinsky and facebook.

  • Billabong Pipeline Masters - When Dreams Become Reality

    Hawaiian Surfing Hexploration
    Upon my return from the two and a half week odyssey that embodied a videographer, surfer and entrepreneur's journey of self worth at surfing’s proving grounds I realized the significance of the events that had taken place. The road less traveled was upon me, a dream turned reality after that one wave, that one clip and that one event. I personally, had realized the childhood dream of charging Pipeline and my buddy was there to capture it. In reflection, how many people actually get to realize their dreams at the Super Bowl of surfing while history is made in the backdrop by one Gabriel Medina?


    #HEXplore Hawaii

    Haleiwa bridge

    Rad bridge in Haleiwa Hawaii

    north shore bike path

    North Shore Bike Path

    nick pipeline drop

    nick pipeline barrel

    nick pipeline exit

    Nick Surfing An Epic Pipeline

    The Youngest Brazilian Surfing Champion
    With the door wide open after fellow Brazilian Alejo Muniz knocked out 42 year old contender Kelly Slater the smell of victory was in the air. One down, one to go... World Surf League number two, Mick Fanning of Australia was grinding it out for a hopeful fourth world title but it was crystal clear in the performance and the energy that this day was already written before anyone paddled out. The first Brazilian was destined to win the WSL World Tour of Surfing's greatest achievement, a WCT Championship and do so confidently at the world's deadliest wave. After dropping excellent scores on nearly every wave Gabriel had the title in his sights and nobody was going to stop him. It felt like I was at a soccer match as hundreds of Brazilian fans dawned flags, surfboards, towels, sarongs, bikinis and shirts screaming vai Medina! Moments before he clinched the world title a flog of fans charged the shoreline filling the sea with yellow and green as they made sure their champion’s feet wouldn’t touch the sand while they carried him up the beach in kingship fashion. Vai Medina!

    vai medina

    Medina With His Trophy

    medina north shore

    North Shore Celebrations

    No Longer Dreaming
    "I've been dreaming of this moment my whole life and now I can stop dreaming, it's a reality!" the 20 year old prodigy said. On that day he matched Kelly Slater as the youngest surfer to ever win a WCT Championship. Lastly, that moment, the impending championship had increasing significance because it stoked the passion and fervor of the probable Brazilian Storm that will likely follow. Gabriel wore the weight of a country on his shoulders and it showed physically and presently in the water. Medina accomplished what no other Brazilian had before him, he became the best surfer in the world and now, he’s no longer dreaming about it.

    brasilian flag

    Brasilian Flag

    Nick Mohnacky BioNicholas Mohnacky - HEX Ambassador
    Through a combination of great values, ability, creativity, networking and focus, Nicholas Mohnacky has amassed an impressive body of work while partnering or working with some of the world's largest technology and media companies like: Zynga, Yahoo, Tribune and Cox. Nicholas is a surfer, videographer and tech entrepreneur currently working on his startup Surfr App. Surfr is like Yelp for surfers, featuring 9,000 surf spots, restaurants and hostels around the world.
    @surfrapp on Instagram & Twitter

  • Ghost Writer: 12th Planet - Eight Years Of SMOG


    12th Planet is the electronic music pioneer who orbits on the forefront of global bass culture. Oh, and he also happens to be one of our good friends.  Named a “Los Angeles dubstep god” by Rolling Stone, 12th Planet, AKA John Dadzie, and his influential label SMOG Records are widely credited for bringing the British movement stateside, and continue to be a crucial force in the evolution of electronic music. 12th Planet’s DJ sets now include a myriad of styles that reflect the current, diverse landscape of EDM music and continue to display his role as an essential tastemaker in the dance music world.


    With these kind of credentials, how could we not have 12th pen a volume of our popular Ghost Writer series? Enjoy the exclusive images from our visit to his Los Angeles office and studio, and see what he has to say about music, anniversaries, and SMOG's new compilation, which just so happens to drop today.



    SMOG Recently hosted it's 8 year anniversary party in DTLA!! It's crazy to think about. We're so proud of what our roster has accomplished to date, we're stronger than ever and looking forward to a great year ahead! On January 13th we kick off our 9th year running with the 3rd volume of the SMOG City Compilation. These compilations are a great way for us to showcase the hottest new talent and trace the evolution of bass music. We're very excited about all of the artists that have contributed to it and we know you will be too!

    2th Planet With Danny United


    The compilation begins with a collaboration between myself and Tha Trickaz. "Bless That," and features one of my favorite emcee's, Armanni Reign. Following my collaboration are tracks by SPL, Dubloadz, Son Of Kick, Twine, Flinch, Jayceeoh & Woogie, Bleep Bloop, and another collab with Protohype and myself. Just like the current landscape of bass music, this compilation is diverse in style. It outlines some of the different kinds of bass music that, when compiled, reflect a common culture and aesthetic. It's a sign that this year will be a very big one for bass music and dance music in general.

    - 12th Planet




    SMOG City Vol.3
    1. 12th Planet & Tha Trickaz - Bless That ft Armanni Reign
    2. SPL - Confusion
    3. Dubloadz - Crunch Time
    4. HeroBust - Sheknowshebad "Grabbitz Remix"
    5. Son Of Kick - GitiT
    6. Twine - Killing Machine VIP
    7. Jayceeohh & Woogie - Drop it
    8. Flinch - Don't Give Up
    9. 12th Planet & Protohype - Bacon Psalm
    10. Bleep Bloop - Yep







  • Recap From Agenda Long Beach

    What a wake up call that was!  What to do first thing Monday after a nice holiday break? Dive right into Agenda Long Beach, of course.

    It was good to see friends and familiar faces again and the vibe was positive and easy all over the floor.  We were posted up in the premium Woods section and nestled in among friends like a regular progressive neighborhood.

    For the first time, The HEX Bus made an appearance in our Agenda booth and, as always, made its proper statement.

    We showed off our new collection and chatted with some of our favorite retail partners about a 2015 that looks bright for HEX.

    Our friends, Louis Songor from Reed Space and Jeff Staple from, well, you know who he is.

    It went fast, but it was good and it seemed like the right way to start into our grueling trade show circuit that will see us move on from Long Beach to Las Vegas, Berlin, Milan, Manila, and then back to Vegas - two more times - all by the middle of February!

    HEX Co-Founder Trent Valladares with Roark Revival Founder, Ryan Hitzel

    Roark was debuting a great looking new collection of bags... More on that later...

    Long-time friend DJ Vice from everywhere and CRSVR.

    So thanks to Aaron, Cody and the Agenda gang for a good show, a good time, and the best trade show food around!

    It was a frigid 85 degrees out in the food truck lot.  Gotta love January in SoCal!

    One of my personal favorites - Kogi.

    That's what I'm talking about!

    Staple Pigeon's booth

    Shwood - will whittle sunglasses for food.

    Mishka brought the art, day-glo style.

  • Announcing HEX x Fool's Gold Records iPhone 6 Cases


    HEX and Fool’s Gold Records are pleased to announce the release of their iPhone 6 case collaboration, available today at,, and select authorized retailers.

    The genuine leather snap case comes in two colorways: a black and yellow Fool’s Gold print, and a tonal black embossed version of the same pattern.

    “From surprise remixes to special guests at our shows, Fool's Gold is a place where collaborations thrive,” explains Nick Catchdubs, Co-Founder of Fool’s Gold Records.  “HEX is an independent company just like us, so we jumped at the chance to team up with them again and put our own flip on their iPhone 6 case, using an all-over print logo pattern inspired by the FG sticker takeover of New York City."

    “Fool’s Gold Records is a New York institution for progressive thinking and creativity in music”, said Dan Maravilla, Co-Founder of HEX.  “Their work and reputation speak for themselves.   We have been fans of Fool’s Gold for a long time, so we were excited to work with them to bring these great new products to market.”

    About Fool’s Gold Records

    Brooklyn-based record label Fool’s Gold was founded in 2007 by DJs A-Trak and Nick Catchdubs and quickly established itself with a non-stop series of releases bridging the worlds of hip-hop and electronic music, introducing artists like Danny Brown, Kid Cudi and Duck Sauce to the world while being dubbed an “indie innovator” by Billboard, a “tastemaker label” by the New York Times, and “one of the most influential indies in the music business” by Pitchfork. With a clever and constantly evolving aesthetic for all Fool’s Gold visuals and merchandise, the company has become more than an independent music powerhouse, but a trendsetting lifestyle brand.

    For seven years running, Fool’s Gold has continued to find new ways to excite and surprise their fans beyond records. For those in the know, a Fool’s Gold party is THE place to be – the kind of night where DJ Premier spins disco records, Kanye shows up unannounced to try out new music, and Drake gets on the mic to wish everyone a happy Chanukah. The label connects with their fans daily via a flagship retail store in Williamsburg, Brooklyn (home to everything from tie dye logo tees and FG x Members Only leather jackets to bimonthly art exhibitions), Fool’s Gold Clubhouse stages at festivals around the world, a premium digital subscription service dubbed “The Goldmine,” and much more.

    Having put their unique stamp on music, events, retail, and beyond, there’s no telling what Fool’s Gold will lend their midas touch to next.  More information can be found at, Instagram, and Twitter.




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