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Tag Archives: HEX

  • A Rainy Day With Marsea Goldberg Of New Image Art Gallery

    I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Marsea Goldberg, Director of New Image Art Gallery.  Her taste and shows have always been some of our favorites at HEX.  It was great to stop by, in the middle of an LA downpour, and view the Cleon Peterson "End Of Days" exhibit, as well as talk art with one of LA's premier authorities on the subject. Here's how it went:



    HEX - You have established yourself as a giant in the LA art scene.  What keeps it fresh and exciting for you?

    MG – Thanks for considering me a giant, that’s cool.  The artists have always made it interesting. There are always new artists coming up, there are always new people, there’s always new creativity and it keeps building.  The good art builds on the art before it or breaks through to a different form.  I have always had a  close relationships with the artists that I work with, and I also have a deep relationship with their art.

    HEX – What are you most proud of regarding New Image, and what would you still like to do with the gallery?

    MG – Watching  artists  succeed and become strong in their art, having museum shows, and becoming known in the international art world.

    HEX - As you see it, where does the difference lie between street art and fine art?

    MG - In a sense, where it goes… When you are a “street artist” and you reach an area of success, there are two ways it  might go; you either become a big deal in the action sports world or the video world or animation (basically the commercial art world ), or the artwork develops and the artist can handle showing in galleries, using more refined mediums, etc.  There’s a certain refinement or intellectuality within the creativity on the streets where it can translate.  If it has a very deep originality and conceptual basis, the art goes beyond the street and transcends people’s minds, and might end up in art museums.  But then the art usually has legs and an intellectual content.

    HEX - Do you find that you identify with the artists that create art you are drawn to, or is there no correlation between art and artist as far as personal appeal to you goes?

    MG - Usually the artist is dynamic as well as the work, and the entire union of the artist and art is there.  Sometimes I don’t like the person, and I like the art, but that is a rarity.  I’ve been involved with very deep talent, and some artists are extremely refined and quiet and you’d never know they were geniuses.  I appreciate all different kinds of people, I like the quiet ones, I like the passionate, I like the crazies… Artists are usually more sensitive and honest….

    HEX - Your current exhibit is with Cleon Peterson.  His images are stark and graphic, but can also be disturbing at times.  What is your take on his style?

    MG - I like it tough.  Art doesn’t have to be pretty.  Art doesn’t have to be comfortable.  That’s the thing about great art.  Sometimes uncomfortable art is the strongest, but it’s not necessarily the most loved.  But the interesting thing about Cleon’s art is that it is becoming  loved by the public.  Maybe because it plays on a psychological level, yet there are so many different levels to appreciate.  Even if you’re afraid of the content, the composition is so clean, and the choice of color so powerful.  He’s a brilliant designer.  There are many design elements that reflect back into Asian art or Renaissance art or Greek art.  It’s the same with Retna, where the work reflects back into art history.  We are inundated with  images and it’s very satisfying to see them reshuffled and presented in a relevant way for our times.


    "Art doesn't have to be pretty.  Art doesn't have to be comfortable."


    HEX - What do you see coming in the art future?

    MG - I’m always looking for the  original, and I usually know it when I see it, but it’s been a little tougher lately.  I’ve been  busy with work and I haven’t had time to go deep into the trenches, but I will get  there soon.  There’s good art  in LA right now and in Mexico City.  There are young artists from San Francisco I’m very interested in.  There are young students that have interned for me that I think are very promising.  I feel there is a little lull right now, but just wait…There will be the next movement…..






  • Superhumanoids At The Majestic Ventura Theater

    A rainy day in a sleepy picturesque town was the setting for an inspired set from the up-and-coming group Superhumanoids.  If you have never been to the Ventura Theater, you are missing out.  This place is gorgeous, reminiscent of the glamorous Hollywood movie palaces of the past.  Art deco and gilded styling abound and the sound system will pin your ears back.



    I got to hang out a bit backstage with Sarah, Cameron, Max, and Evan.  These are the type of cats you would want to hang out with anyway, so it was easy and relaxed chatter.

    They had to keep their cool through a sound check full of cable mazes and rigged patches at the sound board, and did so like pros as the minutes ticked by.

    For their first performance in Ventura, I was surprised to see the size of their fan base there. Fans briskly walking (not running, of course) to get in and as close to the stage as possible when the doors opened.


    The music was uplifting, pulsing dark and dreamy - sometimes all at the same time. Sarah's vocals especially on tracks like "So Strange" are clear and light over the top of some bassy grooves.  "Geri" also stood out as having a very interesting arrangement and interplay between the instrumentation.  But clearly all the musicians are accomplished and share a vibrance about their art that comes through as emotion and honesty.



    A good night, a great set, in a great venue - who could want any more?

  • HEX At Modernism Week

    HEX At Modernism Week from Hex on Vimeo.


    If you ask me, nothing quite compares with a road trip.  Well, maybe not just any road trip, but a good one is tough to beat for sure.  We took The HEX Bus out over some remnants of Route 66 to the annual minimalist mecca known as Modernism Week Palm Springs.

    For all of you who are wondering, our 1963 made the 2 1/2 hour drive with flying colors.  We made friends the whole way, as evidenced by all the many thumbs up , smiles, and nods of respect.  We were boss in The Bus.



    We checked out some serious standouts in the world of California Modern design ranging from the famous Palm Springs Visitor Center with its impossibly cantilevered roof, to the experimental tract of Alexander Steel homes, to some great examples of restoration in Racquet Club Estates, to examples of Neutra and Donald Wexler.

    Palm Springs Visitor Center

    Alexander Steel Home

    neutra palm springs
    Kaufmann House - Richard Neutra

    wexler landscape
    Landscape Design By Donald Wexler

    Historic Racquet Club Estates

    This was the town of the Rat Pack - Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Dean Martin, and a few less-savory folks as well.  Legend has it that The Chairman Of The Board would raise his flags high at his Twin Palms estate so all his friends knew if he was home and ready to party.

    twin palms now
    Sinatra's Twin Palms Today

    Twin Palms Back In The Day (Via SInatrahouse)

    We posted The HEX Bus up on Palm Canyon Drive Thursday night outside of BAR and sold some special HEX gear and chewed the fat with some people who seemed as though their whole mission in life was to talk to only us.

    The next day, our rolling pop-up-shop moved to the Pre-Fab marketplace put on by Modernism Week.  This was great to see all the advances in design and modular building.  There happened to be a vintage car auction going on right across the street that brought many people over to try to entice us to sell our beloved bus, but the answer was always "No."IMG_9713

    Mobile Pop-Up Shop At The Pre-Fab Marketplace


    In the end, we enjoyed a relaxing night at the Ace Hotel - I would highly recommend the orange-riccotta pancakes - saw some great design and architecture and got to visit some of our favorite stores like Just Fabulous, Modernway, and Just Modern.  But beyond all this, we got to connect at a very personal level with people who enjoy great design, just like we do and spread the word about HEX all over town.



    ACE Hotel Lobby


    See You Next Year!




  • HEX x Greenlabel Skate Night in NYC

    Skateboarding during Winter in NYC is not easy or pleasant - especially after a snowstorm.  But thanks to KCDC Skate Shop, HEX, and Green Label Exclusives, we made it possible last night. It was a sub-zero evening outside, but the unassuming "secret" space at 99 Attorney St. in the Lower East Side of Manhattan was plenty warm and packed with party goers, pro skaters, industry folk and celebs all watching the shred session on the 5-foot-high, 14-foot-wide mini ramp built exclusively for the night. Bumping tracks provided by Sean C and LV got the crowd dancing and bobbing their heads.

    The man of the night was Theotis Beasley, and he was there signing his HEX collab gear (backpack and phone case) and chopping it up with the crowd.It was a fun night indeed, thanks to everyone who made it out!The ramp will remain in the space for 4 weeks of events and skateboard lessons plus endless skate sessions by the hungry NY skate community. HEX and Green Label are sponsoring the space during this time. If you're in NYC and would like a lesson, contact KCDC Skate Shop in Williamsburg Brooklyn for more info.

    Theotis Beasley
    The Man of the Night, himself

    Theotis Beasley

    Theotis Beasley

    Theotis Beasley & Alan Shikverg

    Theotis Beasley
    Packed House at KCDC Skate Shop

    Theotis Beasley
    The Skate Night sesh was rad, as expected

    Theotis Beasley Event
    Mr. Erik Ellington in attendance as well

    HEX x Theotis Beasley Backpack and Focus Case
    HEX x Theotis Beasley Backpack and Focus Case for iPhone 5/5s

    HEX x Theotis Beasley Backpack
    HEX x Theotis Beasley Backpack

    HEX x Theotis Beasley Backpack Leather Zipper Pulls
    HEX x Theotis Beasley Backpack Leather Zipper Pulls

  • HEX x I Crave Love! - A solo show by This Means Mar at LAB ART

    Corrupted memory cards suck! As much as we love to shoot film here at HEX, there are times when it is just not plausible to do so...hence two Thursday nights ago for the opening of our good friend and artist extraordinaire This Means Mar's solo show at LAB ART, entitled I Crave Love! There were just so many cool and beautiful works of art on hand (not to mention people) that if we were shooting film our developing fees would've been a fortune. Although, looking back on it now, we really wish we would have-as our super technologically advanced 64GB Compactflash memory card decided to take a dive off the deep end thus taking all of our beautiful imagery and memories from Mar's great show with it. Anyhow, that's enough griping from us and lesson learned. Below are some photos we salvaged from our iPhone and Minx Society, so, please take a moment and enjoy this epic night as much as we did! It seriously was amazing and we couldn't have been more stoked to support Mars and be a sponsor for this amazing event...thank you!

    One of our favorites!

    LAB ART was absolutely packed to the gills, and rightfully so, Mars work is insane!

    Hors d'oeuvres and Dj's...

    Renowned artist Gregory Siff and Mike Miller (above) in the house. They were quite stoked on our new Gallery product line, as was Omarion (below)...

    Fashion slave...

    Bringing whole new meaning to the term "Work-a-holic".

    The man of the hour himself, Mar, with good friend and art collector James Fay.

    Art Collector Drew Meyers with actress/model friend Alyssa Smith.

    Who craves love, we all crave love... I Crave Love!

    *Special thanks to Mar and LAB ART for allowing us to be a part of this illustrious where's our Homer print?... ;)

  • HEX Reveals Icon Wallet for the Samsung Galaxy S4

    Building upon our successful and stylish array of iPhone cases and wallets, today we're proud to announce that a new version of our classic Icon Wallet is now available to Samsung Galaxy S4 phone owners! This new Icon Wallet for Galaxy S4 promises to be compatible with the device supporting all of it’s features and is the first step for the company in targeting users of Google’s Linux based Android Operating System or “Marketplace”. The Icon Wallet for Galaxy S4 is not only engineered to protect the device, but was also thoughtfully designed with our signature style and affinity to detail in tow making this what is sure to become one highly sought after phone case for those constantly on the go in todays modern world.

    “Following the success of our complete lineup of iPhone cases and wallets, the logical next step for us was to jump into the world of Android and begin making products available to it’s dynamic range of users-many of which embody the same ideals as we here at HEX,” said Carl Steindler, marketing manager, HEX. “We're very excited to be embarking on this journey with the Galaxy S4, which is one beautiful piece of technology that made it easy for us to design around.”

    The Icon Wallet for Galaxy S4 ($49.95) is comprised of genuine leather and features a generous storage area in the form of a cash pocket that is hidden beneath three credit card or I.D. slots, making this case pretty much all one will need to carry for a day (or night) out on the town. Other features of the Icon include a camera cutout for on-the-fly photo and video taking, a reinforced custom molded phone bed for superior durability and your choice of various colors or materials consisting of a soft-touch Torino leather in black, Academy Grey Denim, as well as Fleet Pin-Stripe.

    The new Icon Wallet for Galaxy S4 in Academy, Fleet Pin-Stripe and Black Torino Leather respectively.

    This new Icon Wallet for Galaxy S4 by HEX joins an already extensive and award-winning collection of stylish techcessories that seek to complement todays most in-demand electronic devices and provide functional features to those who use them. To view these products, or for more information regarding our entire line of techcessories, visit the website, or follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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