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Tag Archives: Las Vegas

  • Road Trippin' - LA To Salt Lake City

    HEX SLC Bus

    If you read this blog, then you know how we feel about road trips.  We love the open roads, wide expanses, and colorful characters we meet along the way.  So when we saw the Outdoor Retailer show pop up on our calendar, we knew we would fire up The HEX Bus and make a run across the desert to Salt Lake City.

    The drive started as expected with mile after mile of LA-area sprawl.  But once out of San Bernardino, we were on and off of the old Route 66 trail and on the way to Vegas.  I love this drive across the Mojave.  The desert landscape has really grown on me to the point where I really look forward to anytime I get to make this drive.  On a more unusual note, there were some pretty intense storms dropping a lot of rain just ahead of us.  In fact, the ground outside of Vegas was covered as far as the eye could see with several inches of water and we followed these storms most of the way to Utah.  Beautiful.

    HEX SLC 3


    We stopped at The Summit Inn, a vintage Route 66 landmark, and were intrigued by their ostrich burgers - although time did not permit a sampling.  Then we swung by the world's largest thermometer, window shopped the alien jerky, and blasted our way into Vegas, where we found freeway closures due to flash flooding from the heavy weather.


    Heading north from Vegas, the scenery starts to morph from arid desert plains filled with joshua trees to steep canyon walls that rise up from nowhere to meet the interstate as we headed across the corner of Arizona.





    The rocks around us continued to change into a deep red color as we moved from Arizona into Utah.  I'm always surprised to see such trash-free, little towns around St.George baking in 100-degree-plus temperatures and yet boasting perfect, emerald green little league baseball fields.

    If you are ever along the I-15 in Utah you have got to check out one of our favorite spots: Kolob Canyons at Zion National Park.  We popped into the park and took our Splitty for a drive along the canyons to enjoy the epic vistas at dusk.  This was definitely a highlight.




    After that, it was a pitch black blast up to Salt Lake City which we made in respectable time and fashion.

    In Salt Lake City, we had a little time before setting up the show to cruise around the 9th & 9th area of town, which houses the local creative-types and coffee-junkies.  Then we pulled our bus right onto the show floor and it became our booth display for the Outdoor Retailer show.  Needless to say, we were a big hit, with many a "best booth in the show" comment from the attending retailers.  The other thing you can count on from The HEX Bus is a steady stream of conversation from anyone who sets eyes on it.  It brings back memories and evokes feelings for almost everyone, and it's cool to hear all these kodachrome recollections that come flooding back to each person's consciousness.  It connects us at a more personal level with the people who support our brand.


    HEX SLC 10

    HEX SLC 11

    I will say that the weather continued to be unpredictable during our entire stay in SLC, raining nearly every day and drenching us to the bone at least once.

    Other highlights included sunset at the Great Salt Lake, some tasty artisanal pizza at The Pie Hole, and some of the best BBQ I have had in a long time - complete with peach cobbler - at R&R.  We also stopped by one of our local stockists, FRESH, and peeped some vintage mid-century furniture at Tomorrow's House and The Green Ant, both recommended.

    But the best thing is always just seeing the beauty of the countryside slipping by outside your window in the way only a road trip can provide.  If you have a road trip coming up, enjoy it!  If not, we hope you enjoy this quick account of ours and make sure to watch the video for a little more flava.

    'Til next time.
    he Great Salt Lake


    Rain in the desert distance

    HEX SLC 2



  • Capping off tradeshow season with a BANG from Liberty in Las Vegas!

    Well, it's been a long summer but we're glad to report that our tradeshow season has come to an least until winter that is. We had a solid 3 month run with shows around the globe where the train finally stopped for us last week in Las Vegas at Liberty Fairs. Liberty, is a show in and of itself that partnered up with the folks at Agenda this year, and went down for three days in the Sands Expo center at the Venetian/Palazzo hotels. Needless to say it was an epic time, and some of our soirees may not be suitable for minors, but the stuff that is we have printed below. So, please join us on our final journey of tradeshow season and cruise with us in a city where the American Dream is just one small bet away...

    This is what a lunch break looked like to us...

    LV airport architecture.

    Sights and sounds of Liberty/Agenda Las Vegas 2013. Continue reading

  • HEX kicks off 2013 with a bang and hits the tradeshow floors hard!

    The beginning of the year is always a busy time for us...but good busy, not that dreaded busy busy. In saying that we mean that we are off gallivanting the globe excited to be showing off our new collections in places like Las Vegas, London, Berlin and of course New York City. At CES we get let our techy side out a bit mixing it up with all of the latest and greatest electronics and accessories while doubling down on the tables. Meanwhile at Project and Agenda shows running back to back in New York we're pretty much at the mercy of the pace of the city itself, which for those of you who don't know is non-stop. Then, over across the Atlantic we get to hang in Germany and London for Jacket Required and Bread & Butter letting our true fashion roots breakthrough and shine alongside some of the hottest brands in Europe. What follows is just a small photo sampling from our escapades, and for those of you who will be around be sure to come catch us again in Las Vegas for Project starting on the 19th of this month!

    Hello Berlin! Street art as rad as this is not an uncommon sight throughout the city.

    Legends Tommy Guerrero and Ray Barbee jamming at the House of Vans party!

    Bread & Butter showroom floor.

    Hello CES! Where art, design, technology, race cars and poker all come perfectly together.

    Our VP, Dan Maravilla was asked to sit on the "Where Tech meets Fashion" panel discussion.

    Burning that midnight oil.

    Making your way through CES is always a challenge.

    Our good friend and legendary NYC artist Eric Haze (middle) stops by Project to say hello and check up on his upcoming collection!

    Continue reading

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