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  • HEX teams with Singaporean artist Jahan Loh for Eastern influenced Collaboration

    Today we are very excited to announce the release of the Jahan Loh capsule collection, our most recent artist collaboration and latest product release for fall. The capsule collection pairs our ever-recognizable product silhouettes with the inimitable style and guerilla pop cultural aesthetics of Singaporean born artist Jahan Loh. This unique 3-piece collection originally gained traction revolving around various cultural Asian themes and influences but has since grown broader encapsulating many different artistic styles and nuances. Through the union of staple HEX traits equal parts fashion to function and the one-of-a-kind style that only an artist like Jahan could provide, we feel that this collaboration is a pleasant addition to this fall’s lineup.

    “Working with Jahan has been a great experience,” says Carl Steindler, marketing manager, HEX. “It’s rare to find an artist who is equal parts professional as they are creative, especially when working on products such as these which are so consumer focused; Jahan was incredible and it felt like he had been a member of the team since Day 1. I really think his vision will translate well to our demographic and am excited to see consumer reaction to this collection.”

    “This was my first time working on a bag and as such was a new medium that really challenged me to think differently in terms of design, functionality and appeal,” states artist Jahan Loh. “Naturally the whole process of translating my ideas onto such a new canvas was really quite exciting, and by playing with outside themes through incorporating traditional ideas of patterns and camouflage but changing them up to make them my own, I am thrilled to have created something totally new and hope people will enjoy it!”

    The HEX x Jahan Cloak Backpack.

    The HEX x Jahan Tote Bag.

    Featuring three product designs, both a backpack and tote bag with the option for matching iPhone case, the Jahan Loh capsule collection truly fuses fashion, art and technological function into the contemporary world of accessories. With principal HEX design elements including 16oz waxed coated canvas, protective fleece-lined storage compartments, leather trim and more, there’s no doubt this collection will protect your precious tech devices while simultaneously granting you the freedom to formally express yourself. Whether it’s the Cloak Backpack, Tote Bag or Core Case for iPhone 5s, with prices ranging from $44.95 to $119.95 there’s definitely opportunity for everybody to make a serious impression this fall season sporting pieces from this limited collection.

    For more information on the Jahan Loh capsule collection and our complete line of techcessories, keep up with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For further background on the artist Jahan Loh, we encourage you to check out or say hello to him on Instagram as well.

    About Jahan Loh
    Jahan Loh is a Singaporean visual artist who works primarily in the field of urban pop painting. In his visually spectacular work, Jahan is significantly known for merging both the traditional presentation mode of 'high-end' visual pop art with modern day street art into his paintings and ultimately bringing a fusion of east meets west aesthetic into urban aerosol painting in the streets. This approach solemnly penetrated deep into the world of fine art and was widely first recognized through his controversial CHERRY POP art show in Singapore. Since then, Jahan’s works have been featured in innumerable art exhibitions both locally and overseas, where he has proudly represented Singapore in New York, Los Angeles, Japan, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. His artworks are often viewed in relation to the sensibilities of Pop Art, of reproduced images found from mainstream culture, and in the commercial style of advertising via mass communication. When Jahan’s not in the studio painting on canvases he can still be found painting his name across different mediums around the globe. Thankfully genres of his expression are not restricted to the canvases and walls of the world, and have widely extended into fusing art alongside design for well-known labels like Adidas, Nike, Sony, Carhartt, Subcrew and most recently HEX. Private collectors and museums all over the world are known to seek and exhibit Jahan’s works, and as this young Singaporean’s star continues to rise there’s literally no telling where his unique creative senses will lead him next…

    *Collaboration facilitated by Munson Industries/MAS creative, Venice Beach, California.

  • HEX Partners With Iconic Artist Eric Haze

    Today we are proud to announce the release of the Haze collection, our newest product line for summer 2013. Engineered around art designed specifically for us by renowned artist Eric Haze, this collection symbolizes a pleasant departure from the current day status quo in the accessories category and is a welcomed surprise for those of you seeking to spice it up this summer. Pairing the recognizable silhouettes of HEX with the imagination of Haze, this unique collection is a testament to both the creative process and functionality blending together. Through the fusion of our staple HEX traits like 16oz waxed coated canvas, protective storage compartments and deep contrasting colors completed with the boldness of pattern that only an icon like Haze could design, this collection is a welcomed addition to this summer’s lineup!

    Eric Haze in his NYC studio.

    “The idea behind the Haze collection was actually pretty simple in theory, in that we just wanted to give him a blank canvas and allow him do what he does best,” says Carl Steindler, the marketing manager here at HEX. “Of course we had ideas about colors and key silhouettes, but overall we wanted him to paint his picture for us, and it’s because of that detachment that I think this collection will be a great success. Nothing was forced or contrived which is a dream come true when working with any artist. We couldn't be happier with the result.”

    HAZE HEX In Action

    “I'm really excited about this HEX collaboration and our new collection, which totally represents the kind of balance between art, design and product I've been striving for over these past few years,” states Eric Haze. “The sophistication of the HEX product line provided a great canvas for me to work with and lent itself perfectly to the kind of geometry and pattern work we applied to it, and I really think the end result has a very grown up, sexy feel to it which I'm deeply satisfied with.”

    Complete collection in blue/grey.

    Featuring two color ways, both a black/grey and blue/grey option, the Haze collection’s spirited pattern and bold color palette really accentuate the multiple features found within the bags themselves. From carefully thought out accessibility features in the form of fleece-lined laptop, tablet and mobile phone storage compartments to the more sophisticated design elements comprising magnetic closures and genuine leather trims, this collection truly offers a full range of products to suit any need. Whether it’s the Cloak Backpack, Tote Bag, Laptop Duffel, 13” Laptop Sleeve or Axis iPhone 5 Wallet, with prices ranging from $44.95 to $119.95 there’s no doubt that much more than just a small something can be found by anybody looking to protect and carry their precious tech devices in the height of artistic style this summer.

    The Cloak Backpack in black/grey.

    For more information on the Haze collection and our complete lineup of techcessories, visit us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. For further background on the artist Eric Haze, we encourage you to check out or say hello to him on Twitter as well.

    *In conjunction of both HEX and Eric Haze’s continued support of the arts, especially within New York and Los Angeles inner-city schools, they have both chosen to donate some limited edition, Archival Quality Silkscreen Prints to be sold with all proceeds benefiting Urban Arts Partnership. The prints measure 22” x 30” and are a direct representation of this new collection itself. Each is hand signed by Haze himself and numbered exclusively to 50. For more information on how you could win one of these extremely rare pieces of art and support a great cause in the process please visit now!

    About Eric Haze
    Born in 1961, native New Yorker Eric Haze has been making his impact felt in the worlds of art, design and product for over three decades. As an original member of the Soul Artists and Zoo York skate crew, Haze was one of the first generation of legitimate graffiti artists to emerge into the art world in the early 1980's. With a continued passion for lettering and the written word at heart, Haze switched gears in the mid 80's studying design at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) preparing himself to take on a new focus in the world of graphic design and art direction. Upon setting up his first design studio in 1985, Haze quickly emerged as one of the singular graphic artists of his time born out of the original hip-hop movement working with artists Public Enemy, The Beastie Boys, LL Cool J, EPMD, Young MC and Tone Loc, as well as seminal record labels like Delicious Vinyl, Cold Chillin’ and Def Jam. Present day, Haze continues to direct his brand, art and design studio out of their Williamsburg, Brooklyn headquarters. His work has been featured in notable galleries and museums including MOCA, MoMA, Fun Gallery and Known Gallery as well as alongside other iconic artists Keith Haring, Jean Micheal Basquiat and Andy Warhol. Haze has also collaborated commercially with Nike, G-Shock, Honda, and now HEX. Further info:

    About Urban Arts Partnership
    Urban Arts Partnership advances the intellectual, social and artistic development of underserved public school students through arts-integrated education programs to close the achievement gap. Founded in 1991, they currently partner with 96 New York City and 9 Los Angeles public schools, impacting more than 9,000 students through programs proven to boost academic achievement and promote positive youth development. Further info:

  • Spring Style Never Looked So Good with Cabana Collection from HEX

    Today we are excited to announce the release of our Cabana collection, the latest line up of techcessories to keep devices, and the people that carry them, cool and comfortable this spring. Blending casual street style with sophisticated polish, our Cabana bags, carryalls and sleeves echo the effortless vibe of longer days and warmer nights. Horizontal stripes in muted primary colors with accents of tan and ecru define the look.

    The Cabana Convertible Sleeve (top) and Origin backpack (bottom) with MacBook Pro hard shell in action!

    “With the Cabana collection, we wanted to create pieces that would organically complement the transition of cold-to-warm weather style choices,” says Dan Maravilla, co-founder, HEX. “The new line up of bags allows users to bring their favorite tech devices wherever they go without compromising fashion or protection.”

    The Cabana Core iPhone 5 case is a sure fire head turner.

    Featuring a navy blue and red pinstripe canvas fabrication with custom-printed lining, the Cabana collection’s stripe and primary color palette accentuates its contrasting tan genuine leather zipper pulls and leatherette trim detailing. Cross-Body, Messenger, Duffel and Tote silhouettes boast contrasting ecru cotton webbing straps, while Backpack styles surprise with straps bearing Cabana’s signature stripe. The collection offers a full range of products to meet every tech need including Convertible Sleeves for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro, Core Case for iPhone 5, and Sonic and Origin Backpack, with prices ranging from $39.95 to $99.95.

    For more information about any of these new products or our other extensive line of techcessories, browse our website, or follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also check out the collection in action in the HEX Spring 2013 lookbook video.

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